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E3 2012: God of War Ascension Gameplay |

Oh how I have loved the God of War games. In my opinion, they are among the coolest of titles on PlayStation. Some might say that the series may be overstaying its welcome, but I say as long as the story’s good, and they keep the gameplay as fluid as it has always been, bring it!

At E3 this year, Sony showed off some very intense gameplay from the next title in the GOd of War series, Ascension, which still has the series’ signature fast-paced, bloody action and an assortment of mythological creatures (with this one showing off some new ones, including what is likely going to be a future boss fight sticking its tentacles where they don’t belong). Anyone else looking forward to this one?

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  • The game certainly looks impressive, as expected, but I haven’t seen anything new here. Problem with GoW and mostly all Action Adventure games is that combat gets old and boring fast and this particular franchise has been here a long time…

  • The game looked a lot more polished than GoW III did. Which would make sense since that was their first one. The level of detail when the camera zooms in during real time and when it zooms out is fantastic. Definitely picking this up. I’m hoping they have that same huge sense of scale.