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E3 2012: LittleBigPlanet Karting and LBP Vita Trailers |

I know, some of you think that LBP Karting is putting ModNation Racers on the backburner, but honestly, is that really a bad thing? As much creativity as you could put into ModNation Racers, it didn’t have the type of tools that the LittleBigPlanet series of games had. If you watch the E3 trailer for this, you’ll see how open the creation suite is for this karting game as well. If you’re into those types of racing games, I think you’re really in for a treat with this one. If the creativity of the user base in the platforming titles is anything to go by, I expect to see some ridiculous, over the top, and cool, tracks, karts, and weapons created by people. Remember those relentless shark levels in the first and second LBP? Imagine firing one of those things and watching it chase down that sack creature directly ahead of you. Also, preorders receive the Kevin Butler with Executive Golf Cart DLC for free!

As for LBP Vita, the game takes place in the world of Carnivalia. Of course, there will be Vita-specific tools and controls, which is an awesome way to utilize them. Not only that, but the game looks great. Almost like the original LBP. Level design seems inventive as always and, again, the user generated content will result in some top notch levels. Be sure to check the E3 trailer for that as well.

Also, something that is overlooked, but important in its own right, you’ll be able to do some cross platform play on LBP2 with the Vita and PS3 with the Cross Controller DLC. You can design levels on the PS3 and then switch to the Vita to use platform-specific tools. Even play the levels with one player on a Vita and others on the PS3. Check this out for an article describing an excellent example. Sound familiar?

  • wolfkin

    asymmetrical gameplay is one of the few innovative things actually promoted at E3 and while all showed potential only Nintendo really showed us gaming potential. That is a miss for Sony because they have the technology, and they should have showcased it more. The Vita in theory could do things that Nintendo hasn’t done since the original Animal Crossing. It could take that asymmetrical gameplay and also add asynchronous gameplay on top of it. Something the WiiU Tablet can’t do with it’s wireless tether. Maybe if Sony starts showing it off it will galvanize Nintendo to throw asyn
    the karaoke app thing is exactly like SingStar’s PSP/Vita compatibility. Which is exactly what I’m looking for (note to self.. really need to get a PSP). Not sure why the guy asked to see lyrics on the phone. It’s not like the screen is showing anything worth watching? it’s just background for the lyrics. (Unlike say.. SingStar which shows the artist video)

    The mapping ideas are generally pretty terrible. People see the DS with it’s map on the touch screen but that’s portable. Having your big screen and then having to look down to see your map would be the most annoying thing ever. That’s something I hope the WiiU doesn’t do either. Everyone keeps saying how great hudless gaming is but when you have to look down to see your hud.. it’s no longer a heads up display. It’s no longer convenient