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E3 2012: PlayStation All-Stars Coming to Vita; Drake and Big Daddy Confirmed |

Alright, let’s get the obvious out of the way. What does this game remind you of? What other game had themed levels based on the characters, or the worlds from which they came, within the game? You guessed it. Super Smash Brothers. Except this game has Kratos, a Helghan soldier, Sweet Tooth, and the hardest of hardcore, Parappa the Rapper.

The game was originally announced back in April, and had some gameplay footage then to go along with it. At E3, however, it was revealed that Drake and Big Daddy would also be characters, and that the title will also make its way onto the Vita, with cross platform play to boot. With the inclusion of third party characters, and given that Big Daddy is even a multiplatform character, who else can we expect in the roster?

Even though it seems like a rip off of SSB, it could still be a lot of fun, at least for quick spurts of fun. As a kid, I enjoyed going over to my neighbor’s house and having tournaments on the N64. Some PlayStation fans have never played those games, so this could be fresh to them.

  • This could be a fun party game, like Smash Bros. Needs more characters though…

  • Didn’t like what I saw. Gameplay was too slow and bland.

  • i’m looking forward to this, and excited to see other game modes

  • PSN release? Can’t imagine many people paying $60 for a casual party fighter.

  • wolfkin

    I don’t mind the smash rip off. I don’t even mind the change to the core game mechanic. You go for points instead of lives they might have other game modes. Whatever, those are things I can grow to love. I don’t really see those characters in a melee brawler but again I can adapt.

    My problem was that was a terrible demo. When Nintendo showed up Smash Bros the first thing they did was explain the game. They explain how the percentage meter works, how special moves work. The controls and everything. Heck it’s usually the attract video on the the game when you boot it up.

    Here they just said we’re gonna play and try to follow as we go along. I could have used some slides explaining the games mechanics. Do we have regular and special attacks? Do they work like Smash with it’s simplicity? Are there items? Maybe you show off how the game works with just one person against a punching bag. THEN you bring out the whole team for a 4way brawl. That way I know what I’m looking at. The problem with 4 man melee games is I have no idea who to look for and since it’s live there’s no one for the announce to tell me to look for. If they had prepared the video before than they could have said stuff like
    – At the bottom is the character list where you’ll see X and Y and Z
    – you’ll note the power meter above Sweet Tooth’s icon
    – now in a few seconds you’ll see Sweet Tooth use his meter which you can now see is level 3.

    Instead he had to keep guessing what the players were gonna do. I don’t really know much about the levels of special attacks. I just have to use my gamer sense and infer a bunch of things. Majority of gamers suck at logical inference. This is how rumors get started. They see something, they infer and they assume it’s fact.

    Honestly a quick live demo to show the controls and then a prepared video to give us a sense of how the game works. It’s utterly ridiculous to expect anyone to keep track of everything when we don’t know what’s going on.

    @premiersoupir – keep dreaming bud if you think they’d let a mascot anthem (a proven money maker of a genre see Smash Bro) be relegated to the PSN. That game will be disc release EASY. They will do anything in their power to justify that cost. I would bet points on it. LOTs. Heck I’m very comfortable suggesting the $60 price point. They want this to be huge (and nothing they do will make this as anticipated as Smash Bros) but they’re willing to settle for big, and that they can do.

  • I’m not sure about many things, but this is a DISC RELEASE. 100% certain. Sony will be backing this up like there was nothing else to sell.