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God of War: Omega Edition |

Feast your eyes on this remarkable edition of God of War. The Omega edition, exclusively for the fans in Latin America, will be available this November. It will include God of War Collection, God of War Origins Collection, and God of War III in one box, along with a great statue of Kratos, and a steelbook case.

  • The major problem in latin america a retail PS3 game (box + game) costs us$ 80 or us$ 100.
    While in the USA a collector’s edition, has this price, already in a Latin American collector’s edition comes out between us$200 or us$ 300 when released.
    For the price I pay in my games, I could buy in USA all the collector’s editions released until today.
    Example Max Payne 3, I paid “only” $ 90 in the retail game without anything extra, in USA costs U.S. $ 97 collector’s edition.

  • Cheeto

    I live in the Middle East and I know exactly what you are talking about. I pay nearly $100 for a new release here, not to mention the unavailability of certain titles related to consumers market. Currently Batman AC costs $60, but I am getting the digital release tomorrow off PSN. I honestly hope next generation will bring us day one digital releases.

  • @Cheeto

    Had no idea that in the Middle east have so expensive games too
    Was exactly what the article said the new realeses article of @Eden.
    I paid U.S. $ 90 in my Batman CA in December, and still costs the same price in most stores here.
    Only last week in a store for the Batman AC GOY edition here, were charged $ 35 just one day, then returned to cost $ 90.
    Also I am favorable to sell digital copies of releases

  • That’s the main reason I don’t get many CE games as well. There’s also the fact my shelves can’t fit big boxes ;p

    Anyway, what I liked about this CE is that you get 3 games, a statue and a steelbook case (which I love) possibly for much less then you would if you got all of those separately (especially for those of us who live in places that don’t have a bargain bin with $10 games) which is awesome.

  • Lets remember that, most of the time, when Sony refers to Latin America, they mean Mexico and the odd country here and there. Remember how long it took them to bring the PSN store and Blog to Brazil?

    Still, unless the price is $99.99, it will be expensive (and expensive as hell) in Latin America.

  • Lately they’ve been focusing a bit more on Brazil, with more translated games and such, unfortunately this is garbage. Most games are terribly translated to Portugal’s Portuguese and things like that. I actually ended up getting Fallout NV Complete Edition just to find out the “Latin American” version was all in Spanish! That’s the kind of thing that pisses me off.

    Apparently Blizzard did a decent job at this with Diablo 3 even voices were dubbed I hear. I wouldn’t know as I prefer my games in their original language, thank you very much.

  • That’s why I will not buy more Retails games this year, I want to buy some new game in December in digital.
    My last games are Batman AC, FIFA 12, FIFA Street, BF3 all now have digital copies, for low prices 4 me.
    And the others U3, MW3, Max Payne 3 will surely come out soon, since it always comes out COD, ROCKSTAR is Max Payne, and Uncharted Series will be launched this month or next month on PSN.
    I waiting AC 3, in europe PSN have a pre order for 59.99, probally soon in PSN USA too
    So I will not buy LBP KARTING next year PSN + will give me it for free LOL

  • Ahh South American SWAG XD

  • Lucky as hell. Ive been waiting for a box set in a sense, and this would be a snag.

  • I wish I beat Pedro to this post. Was going to call it God of War: Pedro edition 🙁

  • Games are also expensive in Australia. When I was there for a few months, games that were years old were still 60$ and new releases were 90-100$, I was shocked, even super old PS2 games were 60$

  • wolfkin

    @Cheeto I had no idea you were in Middle East. I learned something. I was however aware that games were rather expensive there. I’ve heard stories.

  • Cheeto

    We honestly should push for an all digital generation. It should be cheap, fast and most importantly Tax FREE! @wolfkin I live in Jerusalem mate, the price of games is barley an issue when it comes to availability. @Pai do mercado I wish you are right about Max Payne buddy, I have been waiting on this for quite sometime now.

  • wolfkin

    that’s the myth of a the “digital console”. If they make an all digital console. You can bet your bottom dollar they’ll start going hard and heavy with taxes, Games will most definitely not get any cheaper. And more importantly it will cut off a very large segment of gamers who can not or do not play online. I actually wrote up a blog post on the topic a few days ago interestingly enough. Been trying to think about what to do with it.

  • Cheeto

    @wolfkin would be an interesting read. Theoretically buying games digitally should be cheaper, cutting the distributor, regardless of how bad that would be for small businesses, straight from the publisher. I am not sure big distributing evil cooperatives will let is slip though.

  • wolfkin

    oh no doubt the costs of making a game would drop. I just have huge doubts that said production saving would ever be passed on to the consumer. One of the big selling points of the Vita was that digital versions would be cheaper and if I recall it’s about $5 in savings. Hardly worth the trouble of a global shift to digital games and all the problems that come with it. Look at Digital games released now. When’s the last time a game was released digitally at a price that’s cheaper than the disc price. I don’t think it’s ever happened. Games get released digitally months after Disc release and at best sell for $30 when if you shop around you can find them for $20 kinda easily. Sure digital platforms have their annual spring sales and xmas sales but outside of those sales are kinda rare compared to B&M. While Steam is wonderful digital games on consoles isn’t anything close to that ideal experience. If all games are digital I’m very sure that things like “always on DRM” will gain traction.