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Write For Us and Get Points! |

As Community Manager, it’s my job to generate activity and interest on our site. We’re currently working on something to help kick start some activity (I hope to have it launch by the end of the month), but I figured, what the heck, I’ll come up with another incentive as well.

For those of you who might have an interest in writing, this may be appealing to you. If you sign up to write for us, I’ll award new sign ups/writers 2000 points each (or more, we’ll work on a fair amount, but no less than that) after they get 5 posts successfully put up on our page (news, opinions, reviews; they just have to have a decent amount of content). Plus, you get 50 points per post (even more for reviews)! After 25 (which comes pretty fast, believe me), you’ll also be eligible to receive review copies of games, provided you review them.

I hope to see some more news posts on here by you guys! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here and I’ll answer them for you.

  • Can I just…like…remove some of my posts to top the 5 number again? :p

  • haha was thinking the same thing isli

  • Cheeto

    What review copies O_O

  • Out of curiosity, what do you mean with “Opinions”?

  • Man. points. I love Numbers. Suddenly I feel inspired to wordsmith some more.

    Unfortuneately Lately there just hasn’t been anything I care about on the PS3 (A travesty, I know). So unless You want to hear about my experience with Dark Souls, A game that has a personal grudge against everyone you know, I don’t really have anything to review. Starving College Student and all that.

  • this is getting way too easy ;p lol

    that way I won’t hold my spot for long.

  • Jay

    @Cheeto: After you have 25 blog posts, you’re eligible to receive review copies of games provided by the publishers. You’d just have to ask Oly about it and see if he can get in contact with said publisher

    @UniFork: Opinions as in editorials, like this one:

  • I certainly do have more than 25 blog posts, heck, I might as well have more than 25 reviews! hehe

  • (Unfortunately Oly is failing as PR man these days…) :p

  • Well, Cheeto and Pedro also have the “not in the US” thing going against them getting review copies hehehe.

  • wolfkin

    I have a bunch of opinion pieces I’ve started and outlined. maybe if I can get some time to proofread them I’ll post a few here.

  • Cheeto

    @EdEN To be honest, I have received a few PSN titles for review via Oly =)

  • @Cheeto: Yes, but with all the problems you’ve had with redeeming codes for copies from giveaways… hahaha 😉

    But mainly, I was talking about having to ship PS3 disc all the way over there.