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Dungeon Twister from Hydravision is almost here! |

Dungeon Twister

Hydravision Entertainment announced today that Dungeon Twister, its new turn-based strategy game, is being released on PlayStation®3 July 3rd in the USA and July 4th in Europe and Australia.


Dungeon Twister will be available exclusively on PlayStation®3 at launch and will be available for download on the PlayStation®Store.

Fight fight fight!

The dungeon adventurers are awaiting players impatiently. So what do they do when they’re not fighting? Take a look at this video. Looks like a party…


  1. not sure what to think of this game, the concept looks pretty sweet, but goodness could they release a trailer that was more lame and less informative about what the game is about? I’ve seen the gameplay and it looks fun, but that trailer makes me say, WTF?

  2. What the….

  3. Hey now, trailer is fun!

  4. wolfkin

    yeah it’s the dead island thing all over again. The trailer IS fun. useless but fun. I really did enjoy the dancemoves. Take away the autotune and get a real singer and you might have a fun little song on there.

  5. i i i just dont know what to say about that

  6. Dude seriously.. why didn’t u post the info on the game.. Do I have to do everything?

  7. Might be your worst post ever lol

  8. and def the worst trailer ever.. but thats from over a year ago, and just a teaser.. and they are French soo..

  9. troll

  10. wolfkin

    i’m sensing real rage.. just not sure it’s directed to. Eden or the Dev

  11. lol, @oly i had the same thought when i saw the trailer, worst ever.

  12. haha calm down oly take a breath

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