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E3 2012: “Sine Mora” Shmup Coming to the Playstation Vita |

The award winning, best seller that was formally an Xbox Live exclusive, is known as Sine Mora and will now be coming to the PSN soon.

Co-developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality, Sine Mora is a dieselpunk shoot’em up that offers various airplanes, character and weapon types. The Vita version will launch with new weapons and a new character. Wilhelmine Muller will be available with new special weapons and new chronomes, available only only the Playstation Vita

UPDATE – Sine Mora will also be available for PS3 owners, so be sure too look forward to our coverage!

  • Cheeto

    The PS3 update is great news Eddie, this game looks fantastic!

  • Yep, PS3 update really made me look at the game. I had read about it, but since it was only confirmed for Vita, I had stopped following the game. Now that it’s on PSN for us console owners, it is great!

  • Hey speaking of Vita, I was thinking of buying one. They come in different colors right? I was looking for an orange one but I don’t see a site easily

    I swear I remember an old’ 5 different vita color shot. or did they scrap that?