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PlayStation Move Racing Wheel Detailed |

I know, most people see these types of accessories as, well, worthless junk. However, as the video above depicts, there’s a lot more to this accessory than meets the eye. Besides the handles being adjustable (to go from a car-like steering wheel design to a motorcycle-like design), it also has longer, concave triggers for better finger grip, paddle shifters, and its own directional DualShock motors (one on each side), all powered by the Move controller itself.

Anton Mikhailov, SCE’s R&D guy, even mentioned how it could be used for flight games as well. Another really cool feature, as far as motorcycle control goes, the right handle could be twisted as a throttle, which also drives the right hand DualShock motor. Watch out for this later this year. It will retail for around $40.

  • Tosh

    the right handle could be twisted as a throttle

    Now that is pretty cool. I like the paddle shifter option too.

  • tedrabear

    Still just another accessory to gather dust next to the TV, I’ve played racing games my whole life with a controller and never felt like it could be made better with a disembodied steering wheel.

  • looks like v strange…
    Playing with the Wiimote it was a completely frustrating experience.
    Well I never did well with flywheels in the video game, my PS1 was complete with accelerator and brake, and it was too heavy

  • As interesting as it seems, I’ll stick to the DS3 thanks

  • wolfkin

    it doesn’t matter how well it works or what it can do. We’ve seen this with the Wii, and Kinect, and even Move to an extent. The tech can do anything but if there’s no games then it’s pointless. How many racing games will use this? And will this be better than a controller for them? What we’re talking about is a mid-tier control system.

    The controller is lower tier, those “actual force feedback” setups are upper tier. This is inbetween. At this level it’s going to be all about the game itself. With those ultra sim setups you just have to make it drive like reality. With this it’s gonna be up to whether or now it works well with the game.

    Sad to say I doubt it, games are designed for controllers. They won’t put the effort into making a this work and be fun. I just don’t see it… then again.. i did say I would literally start Burnout Paradise over from the start if they updated it.

  • This looks awesome! I just preordered two. This will be perfect for LBP kartingand other racers like motorstorm and gt5. I love the long throw racing triggers and the cycle and flight grips. Wow, at first I just overlooked this as just a silly plastic holder.