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Playstation Plus Subscribers – Your July Content is Almost Here! |

PS Plus July

After E3, things have changed for PS+, all thanks to the instant collection and all the games we’ll be getting for the rest of the year. This is the first time some of the games will be cycled out, and we will get 3 new games every time it happens. But wait, we still get extra discounts on select games!

Full list of PS+ benefits, after the break.

Instant Game Collection Additions

Gotham City Impostors
Pac Man DX Championship Edition
Renegade Ops

Summer Sale Added Discounts

Gotham City Impostors – FREE
NBA JAM: On Fire Edition – $7.34
REAL STEEL – $4.89
The House of the Dead III – $3.42
Crysis – $9.79
Closure – $7.34
Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Season – $9.79
Worms Ultimate Mayhem – $7.34
Shadow of the Colossus – $9.79
inFAMOUS Festival of Blood – $4.89
Killzone3 Multiplayer – $7.34

Exclusive Avatars

Dynasty Warriors 7 Avatar Pack 1 ($1.99)
Dynasty Warriors 7 Avatar Pack 2 ($1.99)
Dynasty Warriors Next Avatar Pack ($1.99)
Warriors Orochi 3 Avatar Pack ($1.99)
Warriors Orochi 3 Orochi Pack ($1.99)

Full Game Trials

Tiger Woods Pga Tour 13 Full Game Trial
The Adventures Of Tintin : The Game Full Game Trial

If you STILL haven’t subscribed to PS+, then I don’t understand what you want out of the service.

  • Cheeto

    I grabbed Gotham City Impostors, don’t know if anyone still playing that

  • hoping the ps3 games are good, thus far i think the EU has been getting better games.

  • Anyone here play Imposters? I snagged it as well, but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to messing with it. If it’s awesome, though, I’ll certainly give it a go sooner rather than later!

    Also, is this really July content? Didn’t we get most of these free titles back in late May or early June? The only ones that were new to me are Imposters, the tank game, and Pac-man. Or maybe that’s what @EdEN explains in his post, but I don’t totally follow the rotation method that he describes.

  • @premiersoupir: Indeed. With the changes to PS+, we will ALWAYS have 12 free games to choose from (hence the “Instant Collection” tagline), but 3 games will be taken out of the list every month, and 3 new ones will be added. Could be PSN games, could be retail PS3 games, but that way anyone can jump in and have up to 12 free games in an instant. This month I’m only getting Gotham Impostors since I already own the other two, but I’m not complaining. As I’ve mentioned before, year 1 of PS+ was worth if for me on day 1 since I got a LOT of content for my $50, and everything after that was indeed free. With year 2, the Instant Collection has given me more than enough for my $50. I’ll definitely renew in March 2013!

  • pretty sure i read on the official playstation blog that this is just for the first half of July and there will be more for the 2nd half

  • @Kane112: The 2nd update for the month will be for discounts, a Beta, avatars and themes. The free games are the 3 mentioned (which went live yesterday). Things COULD change in July due to how users react to this, but no way of telling since one day Sony is all “Instant game collection” and, on the next, there is no news about The Last Guardian.

  • Oly

    If we download the free games, and they are one of the three that leaves that month, do we get to keep playing it for free? We do right?

  • @Oly: As long as your PS+ is still “on”, you get to play ALL games you’ve downloaded. So, for example, Virtua Fighter 5 was taken out but, since I downloaded it before it was taken out of the list, it is on my downloads list, and I can download and play it whenever I want.

    I just need Sony to do a “Buy a year of PS+, get 3 months for free” promo so I can renew my sub.

  • waited for that as well EdEN but didnt come in time had to renew with no promo

  • Sincerely I expected more games 12 free LOL
    Thinking better the last month paid double my $ 50 annual subscription, we had two good options like Infamous, LBP2, Just Cause 2 …
    This month at least I had hoped Motorstorm as the Euro in June.
    As I have Renegade OPS, I was happy to have received FREE Pac Man, very addictive
    I cheer for next month terms Retails more games via download
    I just hope I still see in PSN+ NBA 2K12 , Madden 12, Uncharted 1, GOW Collection, SLY 2 and:03, ICO ….

  • tedrabear

    Best spent 50$ ever. Just a question for those int the know, is it possable to update your PS+ before it runs out so that when one subscription ends the next carries straght on?

  • Yes, you can actually “add” (so to speak) to your current sub, and the extra months will be added. I renewed my second year with 3 months left from my first one. Got 30 months for $100 hehehe.

  • Man this service is so amazing. I wish more of the people I knew where on Playstation instead of Xbox 🙁

  • You need new friends hehehe.

  • 2 years later and happy I’m a PS+ member still .. now I just need time to finish 2 years worth of games from PS+ 🙂

  • Tell me about it! I had done the math to work on my PS+ backlog… how DARE Sony give me 12 free games, on a single day? Hahaha.

  • What EU getting? and um yea Id prefer some other titles. I already beat infamous2/ plat, and war 40k sucked, and um lbp2 is not my style. Gotham City is great so is pac man. But i mean come on these are some old titles in a sense. We need some actual meat in this.

  • EU is getting Deus Ex.

  • Cheeto

    There are some serious issues with Gotham Impostors. I can’t access training mode, The game freezes at certain points and when ever I exit the game my PS3 shuts down and restarts … I think I had the same issue during the beta, though it would be fixed by now …

  • @eden you sure about these being the only 3 free games, the comments on the blog made it seem like we maybe getting more later in the month.

  • And finally playing lara croft guardian of light, amazing game.. renegade opps is great, gothom city… meehhh

  • @hobbes

    I also realized that new games are still released by Sony during the month in PSN+, seeing the answers of Morgan Haro, on the blog.
    At the same time think it was only a slight impression, and that the contents will be even this.
    It would be nice if we had surprises, and games were placed for download later this month.
    As in EURO, they will always release all this month on PSN + at once, and there was just Deus EX, I believe that this will only.
    As I said in my earlier comment, already good month.
    If we have more content better

  • @hobbes: The comment says “But at this time, the Instant Game Collection update here is what’s slated to be updated for the month of July”. Which means “these are the free games you’re getting. The other update? Thems, Avatars, discounts and maaaaaybe some free DLC.”

  • wolfkin

    NBA Jams, Jurassic Park, HotD III love the discounts, hate the freebies. Still I’m on the fence about Batman so I’ll add it.

  • @wolfkin: Our review says Renegade Ops is great, and I can definitely vouch for Pac Man DX Championship Edition. One addictive and fun game.

  • wolfkin

    @EdEn already bought PacMan ages ago. Loved it. Well worth the $5 I spent. Just finished Assassin’s Creed.. thinking of writing a review on everything wrong with that game

  • @wolfkin: Hahaha, really? I had fun with AC. HATED the flags.

  • wolfkin

    @Eden to be fair it wasn’t ALL bad. But tell ya what next time I’m on chat with you we’ll talk it over I do need to see how much of it is just me.

  • @eden i saw that but he also made a comment that could mean there would be more games later in the month: Keep your eyes on future PS Plus posts for surprises in terms of content type (PS3 Full Game, PSN Games, etc). So i guess i can hope we get another game this month. (Full game plus mini?)

  • Very, very tempting. ><

  • I just remember the original AC marketing campaign that really just focused on that Jade girl. Ah, good times.