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Agni’s Philosophy | Final Fantasy Realtime Tech Demo |

In my bumblings around the internet I found this, so have done a little research. This is a showcase of Square Enix’s ‘Lumionous Engine’ which was created for “next generation quality games”. The video shown is supposedly real time rather than pre-rendered which if true is very exciting, I also wonder if by ‘next generation’ Square means consoles or simply game quality over the next year or so?

I understand that this was shown at E3 but frankly I missed it, even when trawling through various E3 trailers, so this post is just incase any of you guys missed it too! Check out the video after the jump.

The link below is to the main web page, but sadly the bulk (all) of information is in the Japanese section so if there are any translators out there ‘please’ update us proper!

Agni’s Philosophy

  • I saw it at E3, and was blown away by the quality of the characters and environment. Square Enix rocks !

  • tedrabear

    So hard!

  • Incredible.

    SE is still my home team when it comes to gaming.

    They remind me of the Habs, I always have hope and they keep letting me down lol.

  • tedrabear

    Same here, since they’ve brached out though they seemed to attach themselves to games of lesser quality. Saying that Square where never perfect, there are some real cringers in their game list, if you ever get the oppertunity give Ehrgeiz play, lol.

  • Eddie

    Final Fantasy XV: Drakes Fortune….

    lol I wish though…still would like Versus this decade…