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[Giveaway Winners] Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock |

Alright folks, the giveaway for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock has ended. Remember, we had 8 US codes and 1 EU Blu-Ray edition to give away (to the first EU winner; the first US/NA winner will receive an extra 500 points). So, who won this title?

There were 151 entries in all. After a random selection process, here’s the list of winners:

louiedog – Ticket
JD – Ticket
Kane112 – Ticket
premiersoupir – Ticket
Oly – Twitter Entry
wolfkin – YouTube Channel Entry
insight – Google+ Entry
SubMonkey – Ticket
mowmow – Facebook Fan Page Entry

Turns out, Oly entered the contest just for the heck of it, so here is an alternate winner:

Lan – Ticket

I have contacted them when I prepared this post last night. If you won, be sure to check your Private Messages if you did not receive a notification.


  1. Awesome! Thanks very much, ! 🙂

  2. tedrabear

    Nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooo! *Falls to the floor sobing into his tardis pillow*

  3. O.O I won?! awesome!

  4. thank you for the contest and congrats to the other winners

  5. BBOOOOO!!! I really wanted to win this x_x

  6. wolfkin

    YEESS!! This will make the wait for the next Series a touch easier. Joy is me. Should I save this until after Alex Kingston leaves the series.. I see that happening and it makes me sad. I love Alex Kingston ever since Hope Springs.

  7. lol

  8. insight

    Awesome! thank you so much! I cant wait to play it 😀

  9. whoop whoop cheers…

  10. Everyone happy? Good!

  11. Dude, I just said “BBoooo”

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