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The Expendables 2: The Videogame Trailer and Info |

Expendables 2: The Videogame will be releasing on July 31 for $14.99 as part of the PlayStation Play promotion on PSN allowing PlayStation gamers to experience the action first and giving PlayStation Plus members a promotional price of $11.99.

Building on the universe created in the high-octane, star-studded movies, The Expendables 2 Videogame invites gamers on an adventure to rescue an extremely valuable, kidnapped billionaire. It’s all business, until all hell breaks loose and the explosive mix of testosterone and kerosene detonates in a massive fireball that never lets up. The adventure concludes right where the new movie begins, creating a continuous story experience for fans of the Expendables’ hard-boiled brand of action.

Players can join up to three friends locally and online to experience all-out action in cinematic, close-quarter combat or while controlling an arsenal of vehicles in exotic locations including Somalian deserts, Burmese jungles, and more, and fans looking to compete for bragging rights can play through several challenges for the top spots on leaderboards.

Stay tuned, as PaulFierce and I will be partying with the cast Thursday night, and then playing The Expendables 2: The Videogame at Comic-Con and we’ll be sure to bring you our opinions of the game.

Source: Press Release

  • kinda looks like a dual stick game with a twist

  • wolfkin

    Stallone’s face isn’t a twist. This looks like a regular old twin stick combat game. Not unlike Dead Nation if I recall correctly. That’s not a bad thing I guess. A twin stick shooter done well is a very tolerable game but it’s the definition of nothing special.

  • Cheeto

    I agree with the guys above. Dead Nation, and even the latest Renegade Ops, are both well made games. This could be fun co-op with up to 4 players online and offline.

  • Where is Chuck Norris?

  • presentation isn’t the greatest, wouldn’t have guessed this was a twin stick game.

  • wolfkin

    @hobbes well we’re all guessing twin stick based on that short clip. Outside of what is most likely a melee finishing move, the rest of the action is likely twin stick. At 0:57-0:58 just after the parachute jump you can pause and see a guy shooting someone in that top down overhead manner. You even see what might be a sighting laser before it cuts out to the next clip. The movement is very twin-stick like especially at 1:10 when they shoot the tanks.

    If you assume that there’s some sort of melee finishing move where you shoot a man’s kneecaps off, and there’s chopper combat the rest of it could very easily be twin stick. Of course it’s still just a guess. educated. but a guess.

    @EdEN Chuck Norris as DLC? heck all the Expendables as DLC. That’s actually something that could happen. Especially if the game really plays as most twin sticks meaning the characters are just “palette swaps”. If the cut scenes aren’t variable meaning they look the same no matter who you’re playing as then i think they’d be more willing to do it as well.

  • where is Bruce Willis????????…yippie ki-yay !!!!!!!!!!!
    Terry Crews IS SO FUNNY LOL

  • Jay

    The Chuck Norris character would be cheap. He gains health for every shot taken and he doesn’t even have to shoot anything to kill his enemies.

    At least, if it was realistic.

  • tedrabear

    First time my IE browser has let me watch an embedded trailer, lol. Game doesn’t look half bad actually, I can still hear the words movie to video game echoing inside my head alongs the image of small boy with his arms crossed shaking his head whilst making a grumpy face, (he’s so adorable!). On the other hand though if it is detached from the movie (new story etcetera) it could be well worth a look.

    oh and @Jay, a quick spoiler, at the end of the Expendables 2 movie theres a huge train wreck including all the heros, villain thinks he’s won as the entire train is compressed to the size of a ford hatch back. Little does he know that compressig so much awesome would result in a Chucktinatom. Last thing said villain sees is chuck Norris beating his way out of the wreckage and hurling the remains of the scrapped train his way. cue the Expendables 3: Rise of Chuck. If you don’t belive me about the 3rd movie, sit through the credits till the end.

    Now I must jump back into my time machine and return to the present, if you see the young me on here, tell him not to touch the penny flavoured ice cream and to keep entering those contests, he’ll win one eventualy!