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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Getting Trophy Support |

Hideo Kojima director of Kojima Productions and director of the Metal Gear Solid games announced in a Japanese publication this week that MGS4 would be receaving a trophy support patch this coming August in line with Japanese budget release of the game that would include it. Yay! Might be time to grab myself a copy, more prizes for the guyzes!

  • about time, now if Sega would give us support for Valkyria Chronicles, but doubt that’ll happen

  • Pretty damn cool

  • this might give me a reason to replay MGS4

  • I know I haven’t been around much, but I had to comment on this.

    Certainly awesome news! This game is so good it deserves trophy support and it would be a waster for someone not to play the game because it doesn’t have it.

    Finally! I wonder if people who have already beat it will get the trophies related to what we’ve done… regardless it deserves to be replayed.

    Maybe it’s time to get my Fox Hound Medal after all (I think that’s the one, beat it on hard, in less then 5 hours and not killing anyone lol)

  • Now like this better happen, and if it does, ill go back and plat MGS HD collection all 3. But this made my day today!!!!

  • hahaha that only took oh so many years

  • @Pedro: Going from Uncharted and the other pre-trophy games that got patched? Answer is no. You would need to replay the game from the start after installing the patch in order to unlock any trophies.

  • wolfkin

    again that’s mostly because they put too much emphasis on trophies. Reward systems man… just let me have ’em.

    Still I am pleased. My copy is still sealed. Any chance they revive the online? because THAT would be interesting.