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Has the New Super Slim PS3 Leaked? |

Rumors and such have been spreading for some time now about a super slim PS3 model potentially launching in the near future. This isn’t exactly something new as there have been multiple versions of past Playstations as well.

Through FCC leaks and picture taken, it looks that it is indeed true that there will be a new model Playstation 3. It is smaller on all fronts and even sports a nifty top loading feature that you can see below.

The hard drive sizes reported are as follows: 16GB, 250GB and 500GB. I’m guessing the 16GB version will have a very low price point.

What do you think? Will you be in line for slimmer slim?

  • wow, pretty neat! I’m still more than happy with my fat model (especially with the 4 usb ports), but I dig the ever-decreasing energy consumption of slim model after slim model. if super-slim follows that pattern, then I’m all about it. maybe this one will run on a watch battery? 🙂

  • That is one ugly, ugly redesign. It looks like cheap, corrugated paper!

    Now, the rumor about there being one that only has 16 GB of storage? WHY? Just to sell a $199 PS3 that no once can really use up to full potential?

  • Eddie

    I love the top loading slide! I think it looks better than the slim.

    The people that want a $199 PS3 with only 16GB of space do not want to use it for its full potential.

  • its not any good but it isn’t bad either. it’s kinda on the line

  • @Eddie: Well, at $199, that is one expensive Bluray player.

  • Eddie

    @Eden Plays PS3 games just the same as any other version. I would never buy it, but seeing as how a 4 gig 360 sold gangbusters, there is a market for it.

  • @Eddie: Sure, there are dumb people everywhere! Hahaha. Oh well, whatever gets Sony more revenue, so they can finish The Last Guardian.

  • tedrabear

    Is it supposed to leak? Sounds like a design flaw to me… Anyway the idea of a 500gb makes me all tingily, shame it’ll be above my price range until the year dot…

  • Jay

    a 16GB model will probably be aimed toward a more casual audience anyway. Core gamers need space, and they’ll know 16 isn’t enough. Especially since many PS3 games have mandatory data installs. That 16GB will be used up quick. It might be OK for PSN games, but that will be used up pretty fast.

    Then again, if everything else is the same, maybe Sony wants to encourage people to buy their own large hard drives? Maybe 750GB and 1TB drives will fit, and would make the system cost less than the 500GB doing it that way? That might be something more attractive to the core gamers.

  • I want one.

  • wolfkin

    @Eden Now, the rumor about there being one that only has 16 GB of storage? WHY? Just to sell a $199 PS3 that no once can really use up to full potential?

    Yes. Xbox has a 4GB version that’s virtually pointless but they get to say starting at $199. They get to give it away with phones or computers. The empty model has a place. That place is advertising.

  • wolfkin

    My fat is a sucky version 80GB 2 USB ports no BC. I got no issue taking up a new model except the money. My system works I’ll stick with it and the 500GB drive I installed myself.

  • I think it’s a nice design. It looks like the PS2 slim back in the days !

  • Cool Model
    16 GB?????
    New PS3 model with a lot space 4 minis LOL

  • Prefer the current slim over this redesign. Hopefully my slim keeps going until the PS4 is officially out.

  • I still have my original-MGS4-bundle 160GB, full BC, 4USB port model, but if it happens to crap out on me in the near future, I’d see nothing wrong with replacing it with a new slim PS3.
    To be honest, I’ve never put a PS1 or PS2 game into my PS3, but I feel secure knowing I have the option. I will just feel slighted whenever I HAVE to replace my current model with one that isn’t backwards compatible at all.
    And with the USB ports, one is always used for charging controllers, and I like to use another one to charge my iPhone, and I love have 2 extra, just in case I need to charge two controllers at once, or any other random excuses. 2 USB ports would make my PS3 feel like my Xbox. Cheap.

  • Jay

    Is it possible that it was mistyped or something and it was meant to say 160GB (I mean from the source itself, not what Eddie said)? 160, 250, and 500 makes more sense

  • Eddie

    Highly unlikely Jay. That info is off of the FCC documents.

  • Jay

    Maybe the FCC effed up. They’re human, too after all lol

  • wolfkin

    I actually use my ports. I like to keep my PSEye plugged in. My Singstar mics and maybe charge my controller.. but also to use my third and fourth controller (which are wired) when people come over. 2 USB ports is asinine. It’s AS asinine as the Wii shipping with 512MB of HD space. This is supposed to be the center of my media room. I can understand why they took off Linux (dis agree but i get it), I can understand why they removed BC (again i disagree it saved them money but whatever) even removing the card slots I could almost get behind but any computer with 2 USB ports is barely a computer much less one we can use in the center of our lives.

  • I don’t like the aesthetics of these spy shots, but I would love a lower power, cooler unit with quieter fans. I will probably buy this given how much my family uses ps3 (mostly for movies).

  • wolfkin

    @darrin Movies on disc or movies on drive

  • pretty sure the 16 would be a SSD drive, so lower power, quicker load times, wonder if this would fix the Bluray laser dieing issue.

  • I’d get it if someday my PS3 were to break (knock on wood). I agree with about everyone that a 16GB version is a laugh, but I also think this could attend the need of casual players all the same (and children). My two little cousins share a 4GB X360 with no problems at all.

    Honestly, at this point I just hope my PS3 holds until the PS4 is released, then I’ll get it instead ;p

  • Since I have 2 of them, if its cheap, Id buy one strictly for gaming online, since I dont want my current 320gb slim to die on me. Like 2 fat ones did,

  • Gents, again 16 drives are generally SSD drives, so it’d be a quick machine, great for playing disc only games. If it’s a more durable machine that’d always be a better thing

  • No this is total shit. Once again they big league us with O LOOK LOTS OF HARD DRIVE SPACE.

    Who is EVER going to use 500 or hell 250 GB’s of space? Having that much crap on your console just means you have to much backlog and/or don’t delete stuff when yoru finsihed with it.

    What does Best Buy do? They sell 800 dollars pieces of shit but it’s got 1 TERRABYTE YEAAAH! Total crap

    Sad Day my friends. Sad Day.

  • Eddie…someone is in a bad mood. And I use 250 gigs EASY. So larger sizes are needed for some people.

  • tedrabear

    Lol, I like to dip in and out of my games, plus my wife like different games, I would like to have all my games in one place rather than having to delete and download every time I want something different.

  • 250 GB is easily used. I’m at capacity with my 120 GB model. And I constantly maintain my console to fit more games, deleting old game data (and even some new). I do however keep ALL saved game files, but that because I’m zealous about my old games.

    500 GB could be arguably used as well, if you download many digital games and don’t like to remove them.