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Watch 40 Minutes of Sleeping Dogs Gameplay |

Watch this 40 minutes of gameplay footage from United Front Games’, best known for Modnation Racers and LittleBigPlanet Karting, upcoming open world action adventure Sleeping Dogs. Video Gamer’s reviews editor and staff writer, Martin Gaston and David Scammell respectively, take you on a wild trip in the streets of Hong Kong following the story of an undercover cop Wei Shen, an officer of the San Francisco Police Department sent to assist the Triad Bureau of Hong Kong Police to bring down criminal factions.

Sleeping Dogs will be out on August 14th 2012. For more information visit Sleeping Dogs’ official website.

  • wolfkin

    alright watching.. we’ll see if it changes my opinion of the game seeing actual footage.

  • wolfkin

    The game so good “it has to be for next generation console” is apparently being demonstrated not even on the PS3 but on the Xbox. So much for those “next generation” graphics. Just goes to show that as I said before graphics do not a console make.

    When you’re demonstrating a game you need to not play perfectly. It really helps us as a user to understand the game if maybe you don’t press A button at the right time so we can see how the game punishes you and such.

    I want to bang Emma Stone as much as anyone else but her draw in a video game isn’t that big for me.

    I don’t like all the commentary for some reason. I’m more interested in the cut scene than the dudes talking and they’re ruining the cut scenes for me. Maybe if they were talking about the game and not say the environment around the game’s development. I don’t care that this was canceled or how that one GDC presentation went or whatever. I want to hear you talk about this game.

    P.S. Please let there be captions. Games need to have captions.

    Games have too much introductory cut scenes. I agree.

    Games not set in New York. I agree. Everything is set in New York and it’s flipping bonkers.

    People complain about Zelda’s introduction taking too long but conceptually it works as a tutorial in a way that noone else does. I think Link to the Past in terms of tutorials is up there with Mega Man X.

    dudes.. YES I’d kind have appreciated if you’d have told me that this was preview code before 20 minutes. :roll:. At least I won’t knock the game for small stuff like black screens. Though honestly who expects the loading times to shrink. I promise you right now they’ll be in there exactly as they are now.

    Silly journalists don’t know what Bok Choy is nor do they recognize that it’s the vegatable that’s literally right infront of your character

    I wonder if it will ever occur to these guys that face might mean ‘respect’ rather than an anatomical structure. Are they being intentionally dense for humorous reasons?

    Oh hey it just occured to me while complaining about the lack of tech that this game isn’t Watch Dogs. Sleeping Dogs is a different game. My first comment is now void.

  • Cheeto

    Hmm I kinda thought the game had potential. Personally, not a fan of the GTA series or any low budget knock off, but watching these footage made me a bet interested. I like the fact that the developer is trying very hard to maintain a level of ethnicity. Walking around in the street of Hong Kong, infiltrating the triad and hijacking highway motors in style. Hopefully a demo will surface.

  • Cheeto

    And watch this =)
    [youtube id=vYXOANLzuJw"]

  • tedrabear

    I’m not to keen on it, doesn’t look terrible, graphics are nice and it looks like a cool open world to explore. Those fightsa look like something I could become bored with very quickly though and after the first five minutes I started jumping to random parts of the video only to see yet another identical looking fight scene…