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[Giveaway] Enter to Win Order Up!! – More Than One Way [Update] |

Ceidz reviewed Order Up!!, and he thought it was a fun and addictive game that kept him hooked for hours, and would perfectly compliment your PlayStation Move (it’s also DualShock 3 compatible)! SuperVillain Studios has kindly decided to give us THREE PSN codes for our readers to win! Keep in mind, despite being US codes, this contest is still open internationally. You will just need a US PSN account.

Anyway, we’re setting this one up a bit differently. There is, of course, the system we’ve been using for months (you know, purchase a raffle ticket or two, add in social entries, etc), but for that part of the giveaway, only one code will be the prize. We’re reserving the other two for a more creative approach.

To get one of the two other codes, leave a reply here with your favorite recipe. I’m talking the list of ingredients, preparation, etc. This will count as an entry. There will be bonus entries as well. The way you get a bonus entry is by making a video of your favorite dish being made, or having been made (with, you know, an acknowledgement of our site in said video). Leave a link here to be credited for the entry. And yes, these videos will be valid for the lottery system as video entries as well.

Contest ends at 11:59PM PST on the 20th. Check after the jump for your Lottery entry details. Good luck and have fun!

Lottery Winner

Since we only had two entrants for the recipe portion of the giveaway, I’ve decided to extend that one another week (ending Friday night) in an effort to get more folks to enter that way, as we are giving two codes away for that portion. As far as the lottery portion goes, we had a total of 57 entries. After shuffling the logs, our system randomly selected a winner. That winner is:

hobbes – Google+ Entry

Congratulation hobbes! There will be no more extensions to the post-your-recipe, 2 code giveaway, so if no one else enters, insight and tedrabear will automatically win. Remember, posting a link to a youtube video of you mentioning and showing off your favorite dish counts as an extra entry in this giveaway.

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Here are the most recent YouTube video entries for all giveaways on with the most recent ones displayed first.

  • insight

    Thats an awesome game!

    Saw some videos and really liked it.

  • I’m in and why the heck not.

  • Good luck everyone !!! 🙂

  • tedrabear

    Wait… We just post the receipe as a comment? and post the video as our youtube entry?

  • @tedrabear: Yes, the recipe as a comment. Now, the video? You must first buy one ticket, and then you can submit your video entry. The BONUS is that your youtube entry gives you 3 tickets AND an extra entry as well! Do all entries (recipe, ticket, youtube entry, social entries) and you’re set!

  • Jay

    Post the recipe as a comment here for the alternate giveaway. If you’re only doing the lottery system giveaway (the one with just one code) you don’t have to worry about it. As for the video, you only have to showcase the recipe if you’re doing the recipe giveaway (the one with 2 codes up for grabs). Those would also be valid as YouTube entries in the lottery portion, but other than that, it’s just standard rules for video submissions and regular YouTube video entries for the lottery giveaway do NOT need that.

  • Jay

    To clarify, the recipe video entry counts as an extra entry in the recipe/2 code giveaway, but you can also use the video for the 3 bonus entries in the lottery system giveaway is what I meant.

  • tedrabear

    … Ok… What I mean is… If I’m going to put on a cooking show for you guys ‘and’ I want it to be counted as my youtube social entry, can I just upload it as I would my youtube social entry? Because all it says up top is to leave my link here?

  • tedrabear

    Mums Shepherd’s Pie (Without Mushrooms!)

    When I left England my mum said that she wished she could afford to get me something more to take with me (as she was broke). I asked her for her the recepie to my favorite meal growing up which was her Shepherd’s Pie, but without the mushrooms! Now I imagine that it is the same as all other recepies but it never tasted like it. Today I post the recepie she gave me and during the week I shall attempt to film myself making it!


    •500gms Minced Beef (1lb)
    •2 Large Onions
    •1cup Peas
    •2 Medium size Carrots
    •4tbls (heaped) Bisto/Oxo Gravy Granules
    •A little Oil
    •A little Water
    The filling can be an open canvas, feel free to add sweet corn, green beans, mushrooms as you see fit!

    •1klo (2lbs) Potatoes
    •2ozs Butter
    •2tsps Worcester Sauce
    •Splash of Milk
    As an extra you can sprinkle cheese over the recipe whilst you bake, I’m not a fan, so I won’t, but you can!

    Day before eating:
    1.Peel and chop carrots and boil with peas.
    2.Put oil in a large frying pan and turn on to medium heat.
    3.Chop onions into chunks and add to oil turning the heat down a little and stir to prevent burning.
    4.When onions soften and turn transparent drain and add the carrots and peas to the oil.
    5.Next break up and ad the mince to the pan.
    6.Finally sprinkle gravy granules into mixture and stir in.
    7.Add salt to taste.
    8.Continue to cook, stirring to prevent burning, until mince is browned.
    9.Add the water and stir in to create a mixture that is thick but not dry in consistency.
    10.Pour into a large but shallow oven dish then flatten and press down until it is smooth then cover it in a tea towel to cool and set.

    On the Day of Eating:
    1.Peel potatoes and cut into medium size pieces.
    2.Boil the potatoes with 2 pinches of salt until soft then drain them and transfer to large mixing bowl.
    3.Add butter, Worcester sauce and milk and mash it until smooth. (Add the milk in small amounts as you want the mash smooth but firm)
    4.Spread evenly and totally over the now cold filling and place in the oven on gas mark 4 (350 Fahrenheit) until mash turn golden brown. (Can take about an hour).

  • Jay

    If you’re also doing the lottery entry, then you would do what you always do (which is what you mentioned). If you are only doing the recipe giveaway, then just post a link here. If you’re entering both, do the social entry submission and leave a link here as well

  • Ok, now we need a video and you’ll be set for both the lottery and the alternate giveaway!

  • insight

    The Youtube entry that worths 25 points is not working… :S

  • Jay

    @insight: try it now. I premade the URLs the first time the night before we launched it, but I guess it doesn’t like that and I’ll just have to make them after a giveaway goes live

  • sweet love giveaways

  • thank you for another giveaway

  • insight

    It works now thanks 🙂 I think ill post here a Recipe later .

  • tedrabear

    Whew, ok so that’s the first half of the video finished, gotta make time to finish up the rest tommorow!

  • insight

    You talked about leaving a link here. The link is where the recipe is right? No need to put it all here?

  • insight

    Since im Portuguese i had to give you guys a Traditional Dessert 🙂
    Its called Arroz doce or Sweet Rice. Here it is:

    -2 cups water
    -1 cup white rice
    -2 cups hot milk
    -1 cup sugar
    -1 fresh lemon rind (Use a peeler)
    -Toppings cinnamon

    1st- Bring water to a boil in medium saucepan.
    2nd- Add rice and cover, simmering for 20 minutes.
    3rd Add milk, sugar and lemon rind, stirring constantly until thickened to oatmeal consistency, about 15-20 minutes.
    4th It will also thicken some while cooling.
    5th Pour into one large serving plate and remove lemon rind.
    6th Spread flat and allow to cool on wire rack.
    7th You can decorate with cinnamon by pinching a bit between your fingers and place, or you can just dust the entire top with the cinnamon (dont put too much).
    8th Serve

    This may sound disgusting for you Americans/British but its really good. You guys have to try. 🙂

  • tedrabear

    Sounds good dude, like Lemon rice pudding.

  • insight

    yep 😀

  • tedrabear

    The ‘click here to submit youtube video’ button is just an image posing as a button…

  • insight

    Try go to ps3blog Youtube itself

  • Jay

    it works for me…

  • tedrabear

    Ach, my bad, I was tired and forgot that Windows Explorer was useless and should really be put to rest permanently… Loaded up Firefox and submitted the video… Boy is it a doozy, lol, don’t expect to learn much from it, lol.

  • Jay

    tedrabear’s video entry:

  • sweet, i need to go buy a lottery ticket. july has been really good to me with winning things.

  • tedrabear

    Lol, yay!