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War of the Monsters Released on PSN |

Over a year ago, I talked about a game that I fell in love with during the golden age of PlayStation 2. That game was War of the Monsters. To my surprise, on the Official PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that the game has been released on the PlayStation Store as a PS2 Classic. If you’ve never played the game, you’ll be in for a treat. Could this mean we’ll see a true sequel some time in the future? One can only hope…

  • I remember playing this. Wasn’t half bad I seem to recall.

  • Jay

    I loved this game. My brother, cousins and I would play it all the time. I wish it was at least an HD remake with PSN multiplayer support. It would have been perfect then.

  • hmmm haven’t bit on any of the ps2 games yet

  • @hobbes: You need to get Odin Sphere and Grimgrimoire!

  • @eden odin sphere , at some point, maybe.. grimgrimoire.. maybe as well. The Red Star is one i’d love to see. trying to think of other ps2 classics i’d like to see, Rez? Was that PS2?

  • wolfkin

    Odin Sphere.. I have that game.. looks like so much fun.

  • wars of the monsters i missed on the ps2 improbably going to look at some videos to see if I want to pick it up. Oh and Odin Sphere is a gorgeous game.

  • Oly

    The game was/is awesome, but no Co-op or MP on ps3 kinda sucks.. wish they had updated to allow online play