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Releases for the Week (August 6th-12th) |

August is up in full swing, and that means that we will only get one retail release this week… but it is a retail release so crazy, so awesome, so crazy awesome, that it makes up for it, in a “wow, this is crazy awesome and I want to buy it day 1” sorta way. Do succumb to peer pressure, and join all the cool kids that know that Persona 4 Arena was crazy awesome, before everyone else found out it was crazy awesome.

On PSN, the “games are art” debate team, this week we see new member SoundShapes enter the fight, and you better buy the game right after the store update goes live!

Ok, that is it. Nothing else to see here. Oh, you want to SEE the actual releases? Mmm, ok, just this once!

Full list of releases, as soon as you click!

PS3 Releases

¨Persona 4 Arena

You Can Buy Persona 4 Arena Right Here!

PSN Releases


Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk II

You Can Buy Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk II Right Here!


You Can Buy King of Fighters XIII Right Here!

  • interesting release line up, hopefully play a demo of soundshapes.

  • meh

  • @Kane: How DARE you “meh” at Persona 4 Arena?

  • @eden : meh

  • @EdEN what can i say not a massive fan of Persona

  • what’s persona?

  • @pedrolabate: Now you’re just trolling hahaha.

  • @eden : me? never… i don’t know where you got this idea…

  • pedro’s not trolling he just likes to agree with everything i say

  • @eden @kane112 : i’m not trolling, i just like to agree with everything he says

  • Jay

    meh @ Persona

  • ye see everyone agrees with Kane

  • Oly

    @persona MEH doesn’t express enough how much I could careless for this whole weeks releases.. what a buncha weird garbage

  • @Kane: Nah. They just like to disagree with EdEN hahaha.

  • Cheeto

    PS+ Europe gets Dead Space 2 … I am truly upset right now lol

  • I have to find me a contest for Persona 4. I’m watching thi sona stream right now. This game looks kind of like Blazblue. That bear thing is funny XD