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Dragon’s Dogma Playthrough |

Dragon’s Dogma is a brand new IP from Capcom containing dragons, pawns and even lanterns! Trev plays through the opening 15 minutes in a exclusive clip for

Have you played Dragon’s Dogma yet? If so, what do you think? If not, does this clip make you want to play it? Or, are you still playing Skyrim? Let us know in the comments below!

  • played the demo, it’s nice that you can jump around, but something felt cheap in the demo for some reason. Still waiting to find a good deal on skyrim.

  • The thing about this game is, most of the time you’re roaming around killing lame monsters like goblins and wolves, and that takes about 60% of your time, other 30% are spent managing inventory (which can become quite cumbersome after a while) and talking to people.

    The rich combat system of the game is wasted because only 10% of the time (if that) is spent killing gigantic monsters. This part is superb.

    I really didn’t enjoy the decision to make a huge world with 0 fast travel and really boring travels. It just takes so long to get into the fun that you eventually get bored and tired of playing it.

    I’m trying to progress the story (but this has to be done with caution because there are many time sensitive quests) to see if the “next” part of the game is cooler (this part is supposed to be in a complex of many sequential dungeons, which should mean more battles).

  • tedrabear

    How does it rate compared to Monster Hunter? I really enjoyed this though the game play can get a little repetative.

  • new demo, doesn’t sound like a game i’d like inventory management issues is not something i like to hear.