PlayStation Plus Coming to Vita and Save Storage Upgrade

PlayStation Vita owners, PlayStation Plus will soon be coming to the Vita, adding even more value to the service. Despite being the same service, my hope is that Sony sees them as different entities and keeps the same amount of content coming to the PS3 rather than splitting it between the two.

With that out of the way, the online save storage for Plus users will also be upgraded in September. Where it was previously at 150MB, Sony has upgraded the service to 1GB of space for our game saves. Quite a jump, and nice to hear all the same. How many people have 1GB of save data, anyway?


Written by: Jay - Community Manager / Editor-In-Chief

  1. #1 by hobbes on August 14th, 2012 [ 30486 Points ]

    very excited about this, about time. 150 to 1024 that sounds great.

  2. #2 by Oly on August 14th, 2012 [ 132615 Points ]

    Great news!! I agree, I hope they don’t split the content, but add to it.. sure they will as there isn’t a whole lot of Vita stuff yet anyway. Also the 1gb of game save space is nice.. I maxed the 150 MB out already lol

  3. #3 by Eddie on August 14th, 2012 [ 44602 Points ]

    I’m all about it! give me vita stuff!

  4. #4 by wolfkin on August 14th, 2012 [ 6633 Points ]

    I was completely worried about my storage but 1GB helps. I generally just let everything cloud save.. I think I’m close to maxing out.. (not sure) but 1GB is good.

  5. #5 by Eddie on August 15th, 2012 [ 44602 Points ]

    Skyrim killed my storage. At freaking 13 megs each save and like 20 saves lol.

  6. #6 by tedrabear on August 15th, 2012 [ 146 Points ]

    Dragon Age killed mine… At the point now where I’m moderating my save data, I always want to keep at least one compelete game save for some of these games.

  7. #7 by EdEN on August 15th, 2012 [ 222946 Points ]

    @Oly: Well, there are no real announcements about how Vita is getting PS+, just that it is getting. Could be just the cloud saves side of the service and allowing you to play the PSOne games already in your PS+ service collection, could be full out Vita games. The later means they WILL split the service. Don’t see them going “Instant Collection on PS3, Instant Collection on Vita”.

  8. #8 by Eddie on August 15th, 2012 [ 44602 Points ]

    Vita games will be coming as well as cloud storage. We already know cloud storage is coming to the vita through a few games that will share save files like Warriors Lair.

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