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Soul Sacrifice Gamescom Trailer |

Soul Sacrifice is a game of Sorcery in which one sacrifices body parts to cast devastating spells and create archaic weapons. Battling it out with large foes in this online co-op action titles will be a treat for many Playstation Vita owners. SCEJ and Marvelous AQL bring us this dark and doleful tale of a slave that serves an evil sorcerer who frees himself with a demon spell book that appears before him before he is sacrificed. You will be able to pick between a few different types of playable characters styles ranging from tank, caster to melee. Hopefully we get more details soon and maybe a release date.


  1. bump for vita, looks like a good game.

  2. Crazy concept. Do tell me more.

  3. I really like where this game seems to be doing. Definitely going to bring some Vita purchases, good move by Sony making this an exclusive Vita title.

    @hobbes : thanks for the link, some questions I had were answered.

  4. WOW looks pretty cool..

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