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Releases for the Week (August 20th-26th) |

A new week, and a new round of releases!

The retail side is only kept alive by Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, a game we’ll hopefully be able to review shortly after launch, and on PSN we get the usual “was a retail game, is now available for download” games, as well as several new titles in a diverse range of genres (samurai, reverse shooter, dungeon crawler, something bizarre, something black, and even an experience!).

All in all, this seems to be a great week for gaming!

Oh, and we even get a new PS2 game added to the mix!

Full list of releases, as soon as you click!

PS3 Releases


PSN Releases

Way of the Samurai 4


Retro Grade

Deep Black

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD

MJ Experience

You Can Buy Michael Jackson The Experience Right Here!



PS2 Classics


  • Eddie

    I got Transformers gamefly’d. Not much else interests me.

  • tedrabear

    I had the first Gungrave on the PS2 and loved it, never found the second one in England, may have to actualy pay for a game…

  • Legasista, Jojo and Retro/Grade are the ones I’ll try.

  • Also, I’ll review Way of Samurai 4 for some crazy fun-fun action!

  • Transformers got way better reviews than I expected. Still not interested though…

  • Pedro is alive!

  • legasista is the one i’ll be interested in the most, on the fence for way of the samurai 4

  • @Eden I hope you wasn’t assuming I was dead :z I know you’re just after my points!

  • @pedrolabate: Points are always nice… but you DO need to get back into the site! Send your GF to Europe hahaha.

  • @eden my gf just got a new job that has she working Saturdays, maybe that’s my chance ;p

    Biggest problem was the increase on work load, which I’m finally learning how to deal with.

  • @pedrolabate: Mmm, I seem to remember someone was going to review Arkham City… wonder who it was.

  • @eden It must have been the Bats himself. Damn… gotta’ put that on my to do list asap.

  • nice wee collection of games only one im kinda interested in is Way of the Samurai