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Three New GTAV Screenshots Released – Planes and Bikes Confirmed |

Early this morning, Rockstar Games released three new GTAV screenshots, one showing a racing bike, another showing the newest version of the Cheetah, and a final one showing off a fighter jet. This at least confirms the return of two vehicle types present in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Nothing else has been released, but be sure to stay tuned to for more news on GTAV.

  • The good old GTA San Andreas back.
    That’s what this imagined see GTA V.
    I hope the game has Las Venturas too
    Each new photo, the desire to play more grown up

  • wolfkin

    i dunno this is looking far too ambitious. Ambitious games rarely work well. I can’t wait to read the bug list 2 months later.

  • kingdagreat32

    I have all the faith in the world that GTAV will deliver the goods but after playing Sleeping Dogs RS better watch there back, that game is AMAZING but im so rdy for GTA V i think its going to push the open world genre to the max.

  • but can he swim. This is getting silly lol every gta they have to show that you can swim fly and drive lol I want to know if there is space ships in this one 🙂

  • Now if you could only fully utilize the jet, then that would be AMAZING! I also want to see the return of the TANK!

  • I just wish this game is more like GTA III than IV. Really loved the first one (100%’d it) but I couldn’t really care about the second, didn’t even finish it.

  • Oly

    This is going to be a great game! Can’t wait!

  • oh nice loved playing around on the bike in san andres and jumping out of planes