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PlayStation Plus Subscribers – Part of Your Late August/Early September Content Is Almost Here! |

PS+ Extra

Since this is an “in between” week, where one month ends and another one begins, Sony has decided to tease us with several discounts and one free game before unleashing the news on the update for the end of September.

As it is, we’re getting Borderlands for free… right before the release of the sequel! Go after the break to read on all of the discounts going live tomorrow, as well as for those that will be available on September 4th.

August 28th

Lights, Camera, Party!
50% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $29.99, PS Plus Price: $15.00)

Space Channel 5: Part 2
40% off the Sale Price for PlayStation Plus Members (PSN Sale Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.99

Spelunker HD (Game and DLC)
50% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $5.00)

September 4th

Free for PlayStation Plus Members; Add-Ons 50% off

Daytona USA

40% off the Sale Price for PlayStation Plus Members (PSN Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.99)

Greed Corp

50% off the Sale Price for PlayStation Plus Members (PSN Sale Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.50)

PS+ keeps getting better and better, and the update for Cloud Storage to go from 150 MB to 1 GB, and for Vita games to be part of the Instant Game Collection, are just around the corner.

  • blah.. bought borderlands a few months ago when it was 15$ for entire package.. oh well.. spelunker looks interesting.

  • Same here. But the $15 deal for Borderlands GOTY on PSN was better than free Borderlands and $20 for all DLC.

  • Anyone who does not own Borderlands, but has PS+ should get it. It’ll make for a good warm up to Borderlands 2 which is really close!

  • Borderlands is teh awesome! Those who haven’t picked it up yet should certainly check it out… for free! And I missed the news on the cloud storage upgrade — great news! I’ve been very judicious in my selection of saves that I keep synced, as I’ve been worried about the storage space. Soon I shall worry no more. 🙂

  • Also, Greed Corp is kind of interesting for aficionadi of German-style table-top games. It’s something like a cross between Risk and Settlers of Catan, or maybe Small World. Easily worth $2.50 for anyone who has any investment at all in the genre.

  • NICE Borderlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I almost did the subscription of PSN + europe, because they have these full games for free every month.
    Hopefully now this months PSN + USA can equal the games in europe
    Even with the difference between the regions, USA PSN+ is being great this year

  • Jay

    I guess I will be able to see why people are raving about Borderlands finally lol

  • @Jay: Well, it is a very fun game, and since you’ll get it for free, you really can’t complain hehehe.

  • ill be picking up space channel 5, daytona and greed corp 2.99 is a great price

  • already own Borderlands so for the rest of it meh

  • Nice now I’ll get a feeling of Borderlands. My cousins been long hard at work, working on Borderlands 2, and wants me to buy it. I asked for a free copy, but nope. -_- Im already buying Tekken Tag 2, idk if ill have money for the second game tho, since i gotta pay for college books. -_- life sucks now.

  • Cheeto

    It begins. I haven’t got a chance to fully play Borderland. Had a copy on PC, but rarely got to it. I guess this will do for the rest of September.

  • Good game (rubbish story line) good game.

  • tedrabear

    Come ooooon Walking Dead part 3!

  • wolfkin

    i own Borderlands but I got the vanilla version… half off the DLC sounds intriguing to me.

  • @wolfkin: The Armory of General Knoxx is superb. The others vary between “meh” and “worthless.”

  • wolfkin

    ehh not sure what to think.. i really should have listened to everyone regarding assassin’s creed.. which by the way i just found out I have on disc :shrug: