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Konami’s Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Event: Unveils A Movie, Smartphone Game, and Open World Game |

Konami’s Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event just finished in Tokyo, and revealed a ton of great news.

Mr. Kojima introduced the series’ first ever social media content, “METAL GEAR SOLID SOCIAL OPS,” talked about the series becoming a live-action Hollywood movie, and showed off new footage from “METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE,” the new title that brings an all-new METAL GEAR feel to the series with its focus on exhilarating action. Furthermore, the new game engine currently under development, “FOX ENGINE,” got its first unveiling worldwide in a live demonstration of “METAL GEAR.”

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First up was the announcement of a Hollywood live action Metal Gear movie. Avi Arad, the founder of Marvel Studios, was on hand to make the announcement. “The movie will be developed by Mr. Arad’s production company, Arad Productions, together with Columbia Pictures. The production and distribution will be managed by Sony Pictures Entertainment.”

Next up was the announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, a newly designed game coming to smartphones.

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. will be releasing the first social media content ever in the METAL GEAR series, “METAL GEAR SOLID SOCIAL OPS” (hereafter “MGS SO”), developed in collaboration with GREE, Inc. for the GREE smartphone social networking service.
“MGS SO” features a colossal roster of characters and mecha from the long-running franchise, and will see players infiltrating enemy territory, facing off against the giant weapons known as Metal Gears, and going on a multitude of other heart-pounding missions within the unique METAL GEAR world. All-new digital artwork and high-definition 3D visuals will draw players deeper into the experience like never before.

Last, but definitely not least, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the next installment of the Metal Gear franchise, was announced and revealed to be an open world game. It will run on the all new Fox Engine. According to, it was shown on a PC, but said to have equivalent specs on the PS3. There was also some gameplay shown, but not much info has actually been released.

Stay tuned, as we will bring you all the news as it is revealed, and our very own PaulFierce will be attending the Konami 25th anniversary event during PAX PRIME, and bring us the latest!

Source: Konami Press Releases

  • Cheeto

    I was making this post lol What you doing up so early anyway? On other note, I am very excited. Can’t wait for Saturday’s event.

  • PC woohoo. Oly pmed me and said Im going to stick it to cheeto today on the MG story. I was like you so bad dude.

  • Jay

    Hopefully the movie doesn’t bomb. As far as the game goes, I’m way more excited for that. Given how close we are to the next generation, however, is it possible that it will actually be heading to the PS4 as opposed to the PS3? I also hope it being open world still makes it feel like a MGS game.

  • Oly

    LOL Paul was trying to post one at the same time too..

  • Oly


  • Jay

    they link to the full size pics, and those open in new tabs

  • Oly

    Except the two that are missing now for the social ops lol

  • Jay

    I only removed one, which had that Metal Gear in it. If I kept it in, the layout and everything would be a mess like it was lol

  • Jay

    Anyways, looks like MGS:GZ is another prequel, and you’re playing as Big Boss. The logo on the shoulder is the “Militaire Sans Frontiere” insignia, which later turned into Outer Heaven.

    EDIT: I also believe the image is flipped, probably done by Konami for appearance’s sake. The insignia is backwards and the eye patch strap is on the wrong side. And unless he’s left handed, the gun placement is backwards as well.

  • I’m very excited about this and was talking to my cousin the other day actually about how I’d like to see another prequel, but who knows perhaps he could do the Assassin’s Creed route and have segments as Big Boss and segments as Old Snake.

    Speaking of which, I’m excited about the open-world aspect. Back when MGS4 was in development and Assassin’s Creed came out, Kojima had said he was very impressed with the game and had commented on how he wanted to do an open world game just like that, but with Metal Gear though he didn’t think it was possible on a technical level. So I’m excited to see what he had originally thought of years ago.

  • All this is great news!

  • cant bloody wait