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FIFA 13 Demo Hits The PSN Store Today |

For gamers who are addicted to EA Sport’s highly popular football/soccer game, you’ll all be happy to know that the eagerly awaited FIFA 13 demo drops today. UK PS3 gamers will have to wait until late on this evening, working it’s way into the early hours of tomorrow (between 10pm and 2am) before they can get their hands on the demo.

Gamers who looking forward to this game and are in the US, we’re not quite sure when the demo is due to hit your stores just yet, but if you want to find out when the demo is expected to hit your timezone, visit the website below:

FIFA 13 Demo PS3 Release Window

  • Honestly I thinks very funny, PSN gets the DEMO of FIFA13, but what really matters PRE ORDER, 4 digital copy NEVER arrives.
    You can see that we had Madden 13 FOOTBALL 4 USA, NHL 13 Hockey 4 Canada.
    The PSN Store will sell FIFA 13 in seven months as the FIFA Street. I paid US $90 at retail, when i could pay US $60.
    I hope this time is different

  • Hey Pai do mercado

    The UK PSN store has a pre-order option for the game, not sure about other countries hence I’m guessing you should see something popping up on your timezone very soon.

    If I have any additional details – I’ll give you a shout.

  • I know Madagasca

    EURO PSN has added to pre order one or two weeks ago
    How was AC III since the E3, but until now not appeared on the U.S. PSN Store 4 pre order.
    Some EA games that have appeared on pre order on PSN Europe, long before the USA BF3, FIFA 12, FIFA STREET, FIFA 13 are the ones I remember
    I think there must be some agreement with EA in Europe, to ensure pre order before the U.S., or anyone in europe buy on PSN Store as the USA, mb should be a thing of the financial crisis in Europe.
    Example PSN + more digital copies in Europe 4 free, and now 1 year subscription for 37.50 euros

  • Cheeto

    I do regret creating a US account for all the digital releases Europe gets. But honestly, prices in EU store are outrageous. FIFA 12 was going for almost $70 a few weeks back, not sure now though. As for US store FIFA 13 is almost here and the digital copy for 12 is still $60. I honestly don’t understand their marketing system. Shouldn’t digital releases cost less with skipping the middle man and all?

    I am a huge FIFA fan, but I had to skip FIFA 12 for all these complications.

  • @Cheeto – I ended up selling my copy of FIFA 12. I required anger management counselling as my little daughter (5 at the time) witnessed me ripping 2 joypads apart (i kid you not – really happened on seperate occasions) after playing online and getting frustrated due to the lag that *magically* appears after half-time when you’re thrashing the opponent – resulting in the opponent beating you comfortably as your players take longer to respond to your controller’s actions.

    I hate it when that happens. I’m purely going to get that game to play *offline*! No more breaking joypads for me.