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Playstation Plus Subscribers – Part of Your September Content Is Here! |

PS Plus September

With the September 11 PSN Store update, comes a nice neon colorful bonus for Playstation Plus Subscribers! You will be getting Double Dragon Neon AND Scott Pilgrimvs The World:The Game, absolutely free, as part of the Instant Collection! You can also enjoy an early release and $1 discount on Jet Set Grind, or take a nice 30% discount on MaX Payne 3 or the Max Payne 3 Bundle with the Season Pass for all your DLC needs.

There should be another PS+ update before the month is over, so I’ll let you know as soon as I get the list.


  1. great month!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m playing Borderlands and loving it
    I was thinking buy DD Neon in a 50% off season in future, but 4 free is better
    Scott i got it last year
    Jet Set i dont liked on DREAM CAST
    One day I’ll see the PSN + some sports game like NBA 2K12 or any Madden … its good because sports games expires every year

  2. I hardly ever download PSX or some older titles when they get discounted. I really like Scott Pilgrim, it’s an awesome brawler with great art style, a shame I already own it.

    I wonder if FFTactics ever got the Free treatment… or if it would get it again… I love that game soooo much I can’t remember how many times I’ve played it.

  3. meh and meh.

  4. I played Borederlands and i wasnt really into it, its not my kind of shooter i guess. And scott pilgrim is worth it tho. Cant wait to play tht friday.

  5. Max Payne is mine! This is what I am talking about. Hot downloadable games on PSN, with discount!

  6. crazy88

    SEGA’s been putting alot of thunder behind Jetset Radio coming back… it’s got me scared/anxious to get it, so I’ve been staring at the price, and wondering if it held up with the “HD Treatment” or I’ll regret it if I buy it. XD

    Anybody found any reviews on the refresh’d game?

  7. tedrabear

    Not to bad, already got Scott Pilgrem… I thought Playstation promissed more ‘real’ games not just PSN titles, all we’ve had recently is Borderlands.

  8. Anyone know anything about Neon Dragon or whatever? Haven’t heard of it!

  9. crazy88

    Premiersoupir, i tried it out, and it’s basically a rehash of Double-Dragons, but that ‘rebuilt in 3D’ HD treatment, it looks good, and I’d asume plays alright. IGN gave it a 3/10, and from what I played personally, they make it insanely hard to avoid attacks from anything above the average minion-fodder. So, it’s solid for fans of the Dragons that want a reminder of how quarter-eating arcade games were, but is a pain in the neck to play solo, this of course being generous and asuming it’s any better in co-op. :S

  10. And you must NEVER trust a review from IGN. They also gave a low score to Papo & Yo being “buggy” and I never had any problems with the game for my review. It is ALMOST as if they’re doing reviews from preview builds.

  11. HMMM.. nothing really for me.. MAx Payne is great Cheeto!! When is Red Dead Redemption coming?? I have it, but if you haven’t played it, RDR is amazing!

  12. love borderlands, one of my favorites.

    at least are 2 i don’t have, would love to see another full ps3 game that i don’t own drop at some point.

  13. @crazy88: good to know, thanks!

  14. Not got a US account, so let’s hope the EU content is the same. Would love to get my filthy hands on DD Neon!!

  15. AND Jet Set Radio – BOOM!

    Early access – Excellent stuff!

  16. wolfkin

    @Oly1kenobi – RDR was a while bak. I know it’s out .. because i own it.

  17. I probably would have bought jet set radio, but i’m letting my PS+ subscription run out, not enough time to play all those games, too much school work

  18. not too bad never did get Scott looking forward to it

  19. i played neon dragon last night, it’s kind of hard, but a decent game in the 15-20 minutes i played of it. Really think it’s meant to be played with a friend. I’m super excited about borderlands 2, thinking of preordering.

  20. I’m on the fence about playstation plus.. Seeing Borderlands on there makes it way more tempting

  21. Well, before E3 I could see how someone might not be interested in PS+, but after the reveal of the Instant Gaming Collection there really is no better deal out there.

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