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Blu-ray Releases For The Week Of Sept 19th |

Nice to see Indiana Jones on Blu-ray. Been a long time since I’ve seen those movies. I managed to see “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” in the theater and it was a good movie. Anything interest you this week?

Highlights for this week: Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures, The Cabin In The Woods, Modern Family: The Complete Third Season, Supernatural: The Complete Seventh Season, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Ed Wood, The Game (The Criterion Collection), Judge Dredd, Marvel Animated Features 8-Film Complete Collection, Persona 4: Collection 1, Queen of the Damned, Black Sunday: Remastered Edition.

  • Cheeto

    Big fan of Indiana Jones. I am getting that bad boy.

  • I finished watched, the raiders of the Lost Ark in blu ray, and the work they did in the movie image this incredible, impressive as they do already 31 years that this movie was made, and neither seems … Lucas and Spielberg created this classic eternal.
    Getting ready to see the Temple of Doom

  • Oly

    Indy set will be bought at some point… might wait till the holiday season for a sale 😉

  • ohhh indy fancy that too bad i got no money.

  • Indy on Bluray it is.

  • A shame the 4th movie has to come with the rest of the bundle… that crystal skull movie really blows.

    I’m also interested in “the cabin in the woods” heard it’s a great movie.

  • Cabin in the Woods was a great movie, can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it before, highly recommend.

  • Oly

    Cabin in the woods almost did it for me.. I’m not a horror fan, but it was different enough and def a one of a kind movie.. loved the plot!