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PS3BlogCast – Casting Call! |

Greetings! Clint here and yes you read that title correctly! Due to some personal issues, we have an opening for the podcast. If you’re a regular listener, or a fan of gaming in general, why not give it a shot?

The requirements are simple really, all you need is Skype with a good internet connection and a decent microphone. Typically we have recorded the podcasts on Wednesdays at about 5pm PST, but that date and time can be negotiated if you’re interested and have scheduling issues.

So think it over everyone! Not only do you get to share your enthusiasm for gaming, but you also get a hefty amount of points for participating!

If you’re interested, feel free to comment below or shoot me a message. If you could include what day(s)/time works best for you, that would be great. Depending on how much interest there is, I will work something out in case there are too many people, but don’t let that stop you!

I’ve enjoyed doing the podcast every week and I’m hoping it can be back up and running soon! Hope to hear from you!

  • wolfkin

    pity. I’d love to join in even not-regularly but i just can’t schedule myself.

  • Cheeto

    I am free on weekends Clint. Would love to participate sometime.

  • A shame what happened. I’m available during week days at night, but giving the time difference the best would be Saturdays, for which I often have free afternoons. Maybe we could work it out with Cheeto as well.

  • Oly

    We need Cheeto, Pedro, and Kane.. all the different accents would be awesome! 😉

  • haha damn right it would be oly international blodcast. I cant really guarantee anything since my schedule is different every week

  • tedrabear

    Now you’re a Bau5 why not have multiple co-hosts, different members and moderators. As long as you’re willing to adjust the recording time you could run a sign up list each week then pick from all the hopefuls. It’ll be easier for alot of people to commit to one or two days rather than a fixed date, you’ll get variaty and I think deep down most everybody would like a turn at some point. I’ve considered crashing the party myself, lol.

  • wolfkin

    @tedrabear are you running beard-lite?

  • @tedrabear that’s the issue though is having a constantly changing day/time podcast. Now I don’t mind perhaps adjusting it for a guest to join one week, but I wouldn’t be able to handle a constant shift. My schedule is a bit packed as it is, and it’s much easier to have a date that I can commit to and not let anything else get in the way. It’s mainly do to the post production variances, depending on how much editing needs to be done and then exporting/uploading to get it out same day.

    Until there is someone who can be more permanent, the day we record will be up in the air for negotiation of course. I’d like to be able to have different guests on more often, in the past it’s just always been a scheduling issue.

    Weekends could possibly work, if they were the right time of course. There might be a few test runs in coming weeks to find out what works best. We’ll see 🙂

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