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TGS 2012 – Metal Gear Rising Revengeance ENGLISH Trailer and New Enemies Revealed |

Check out these new assets fresh from Tokyo Game Show! Thank you Konami!
Also, names and pictures of the enemies are revealed below. What would you do with this many hands?

  • Cheeto

    This game will surprise many people. In a good way. I trust Platinum Games to deliver a kick ass roller coaster like they always do. Hopefully it will be available on PSN on launch.

  • i just cant get myself excited for this game tho it does look interesting

  • You all gonna be eating your words when the Demo comes out. I had about 1 hour gameplay time with this game at PAX and E3 and I was skeptical at first now I am converted.

  • I have to admit that MG villains always look very creepy/badass lol

    I really hope this game is better than it appears, but for now I’ll side with Kane.

  • I cant wait for this game, but for some reason i feel as if they just spoiled the entire games bosses and major parts of the story. But then again IDK japanese so its all good.

  • Did anyone else catch that black guy mention “Georgie” I’m assuming GEORGE SEARS aka SOLIDUS?

  • Jay

    I still can’t seem to get into this.

    Also, it is highly unlikely that they are referring to Solidus, as in MGS4, he was that corpsey thing that was kept barely alive that everyone thought was Big Boss

  • Latveria I assume is a fictional country where Solidus trained the child soldiers. Mistral talks to raiden as if she heard about him when he was a kid. Then the line from sundowner “VR training already starters, just like Georgie did to those kids in Latveria” ..

  • OMG I just noticed. Look at one of Mistral’s arms hand.. She’s touching herself?! LOL