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PSN Day 1 Digital Program |

What a wonderful news this is! I know some of you are not very excited for digital distribution, but for the rest of us, mainly living outside the US and Canada, this is exciting! During the month of October, eight of the most anticipated upcoming titles will be available on the PlayStation Network the same day they hit retailers.

PSN Day 1 Digital program will offer 8 games for pre-order in October, including a dashing 10% discounts on selected titles. Hit the jump for the full list.

– Resident Evil 6 (Available for download on October 2nd – $59.99)

– NBA 2K13 (Available for download on October 2nd – $59.99)
10% off with pre-order 9/25 through 10/1

– Dishonored (Available for download on October 9th – $59.99)
10% off with pre-order 9/25 through 10/8

– DOOM 3: BFG Edition (Available for download on October 16th – $39.99)
10% off with pre-order 9/25 through 10/15

– 007: Legends (Available for download on October 16th – $59.99)
10% off 10/16 through 10/22

– Medal Of Honor: Warfighter (Available for download on October 23rd – $59.99)

– Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Available for download on October 30th – $59.99)
10% off with pre-order 9/25 through 10/29

– Assassin’s Creed III (Available for download on October 30th – $59.99)

Are you excited for this? Let us know in the comments below. For more information, visit the official PlayStation blog.

  • With discounts! This is what I call stepping up the game!


    My prayers was heard, we finally have games for new digital content.
    Today I intend to buy FIFA 13 and this list certainly RE6, AC III, and perhaps NBA 2k13 (still dream the day the PSN + will give a sports game 4 FREE.
    Hitman could have in this list too

  • why RE6 and AC III will not have 10% off?????????
    perhaps because they know it will sell more than water
    PSN always smart

  • Cheeto

    I hope they make this a regular thing. It all will come down to pre-orders and sales numbers. I am very excited and I hope this program will continue for the remaining years of the PS3 cycle. At least till I get my hands on The Last of US!

  • wolfkin

    couldn’t be less interested. I’m a backlog gamer. I’ll save 40% simply by waiting a month or two before buying the games. ACIII is the only game I’m even remotely interested in of the lot anyway.

    Off-Topic Rage Rant:
    As I’ve said time and time and time again. Many gamers are whiny babies.

    Day 4 isn’t good enough it has to be downloadable on Day 1. Then people will complain about downloads taking time.
    Gamer: Ugh. I have to download this game? That sucks. Why can’t I download it before hand?
    Then if they DO implement pre-loading. It just leads to more complaints anyway about why we have to wait this false time.
    Ugh. I preloaded this last week? It’s on my harddrive just let me play it already.. I mean seriously
    Plus with digital downloads slowing down the network we’ll have to deal with the DIablo complaints
    Gamer: Ugh. I paid for this game. It’s day 1? Why isn’t it running perfectly? I refuse to wait a week before complaining. It’s my game and I want it now

  • Cheeto

    Wolfkin I am sure this is not what most of us feel about this service. Personally I will be saving as much money, f not even more, as you do by waiting on a game for a few months. I am glad they have included the option of purchasing digitally anyway. For the majority, I am sure they will still go to their local stores.

  • wolfkin

    well that’s fair. and as I said I don’t really care about D1 downloads and part of that means I don’t hate it. I’m happy for you if you find this a compelling service it just doesn’t really add anything for me and I get tired of reading complaints people should have been able to predict.

  • Eddie

    If I am looking forward to a game…I’m getting it day 1 myself.

  • This is great for those that would prefer digital copies.

  • Interesting promo. 10% discounts are nice, but I’ve only got 5 GB left on my HDD, which means I can’t download any game over 2 GB (since it needs double the available space in order to download and install).

  • I like the idea of having Day 1 digital release on PSN, but just having 10% off and maybe a theme will not make make change my decision on where to buy it. Preorder bonuses do not even apply to psn digital yet either.

  • I like digital copies..but i love the preorder bonuses!