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Mass Effect Trilogy Announced (PS3 Included) |

This is the Mass Effect Trilogy vignette. It is massive and will have effect upon you.

Bioware have announced a Mass Effect Trilogy is to be released. This set will include all three Mass Effect Games for the single price of $59.99. It is set to be released on Xbox 360 and PC on November 6th. More importantly to us is that this set will be released on PS3 at a yet to be determined date and will include all three games, making it the first time that the original Mass Effect will be available on the Playstation 3.

Although a date hasn’t been given for the PS3 release, Bioware has announced that Mass Effect will be made available as a standalone PSN title that will include trophy support.

All my fellow backlog gamers who haven’t yet dipped their toes into the Mass Effect, will finally have the opportunity. For me, this is one less reason to acquire another console. Personally, in an utterly rare show of enthusiasm, I think this might be the first game I will have pre-ordered in 5+ years, or at the very least, I think I’ll buy this week 1.

Bioware also announced the very first annual N7 day on November 7th, which will include: in-game, online and other live events to be announced closer to release date.

Over 75 hours of Mass Effect finally on our console of choice. Are you excited? Has it been too long? Have you already bought and/or played any of the games yet? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Electronic Arts

  • Cheeto

    If you haven’t purchased any game from the series, this is a fantastic deal. I own the second and third, so I might just pick the first one once it hits PSN.

  • Jay

    I imagine that the PS3 version will only be 3 discs as opposed to 5

  • wolfkin

    oh so it’s multiple discs on 360? interesting.. i didn’t know that.

  • mass effect 1 was 1 disk ME 2 and 3 were 2 disk games with a lot of switching

  • You can curb your enthusiasm @wolfkin this really ain’t that big of a deal, personally I think the game is lacking in many different aspects, even though it has a compelling story.

    By the way, could someone care to explain how is it that the 1st game is coming to the PS3? Wasn’t it property of M$ or something?

  • oh, and I forgot to say, even though I don’t really like ME2 I wish I hadn’t bought it, so I could get this bundle instead, looks really good.

  • wolfkin

    I’ve been very excited about ME since it was first announced. I want an xbox for about 4 games. Mass Effect, Alan Wake, that XBLA game that was kinda Metroidvania like and one more I can’t remember. That’s it. Having ME on PS3 means 25% reason is gone. For me that’s kind of a big deal.

    1st game will be coming but whatever magics. I do remember that MS published it but I guess EA cut them a check big enough or promised them enough exclusives in the future to make it happen.

  • I havent played these yet, might be a good time to pick em up!

  • whoa, we get me1?? nice! πŸ™‚

  • I never really got into Mass Effect. I think its because I was a huge PS gfanboy back in middle school and would just say that this game sucks. But I might look into this later on.

  • Jay

    I’m a fan of the Mass Effect universe myself, but since I’ve played the first on the 360 and own the second on the PS3, the only one I am missing is the third.

    My question is, since the first game is now coming to PS3, is it going to be updated with the newer engine like ME2 was, and will this version of ME2 recognize the save file from ME1 now?