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Try Your Luck At The New Point Slot Machine |

Spent the last couple days finishing up this idea that has been on the back burner for a while now. We now have a point slot machine! You get 1 spin a day. But in order to unlock it each day you must do two things.

Get your daily chatroom points.
Post in the forum within the past 24 hours.

Once you do that, you have access to spin. Normally there is a 1 in 25 chance of getting 7 slots instead of the normal 3. But, say for example 5 people where in the chatroom recently. You would now have a 1 in 20 chance of getting 7 slots. So the more people in the chatroom, you have better odds of getting the full 7 slots and a chance for a lot of points.

One 7 = 15 points
Two 7’s = 30 points
Three 7’s = 50 points
Four 7’s = 100 points
Five 7’s = 150 points
Six 7’s = 200 points
Seven 7’s = 777 points

I added a quick link to the slot machine in the top menu bar if you haven’t spun the slot machine for the day.

  • Oly pull it for me! I saw you won in vegas baby!

  • 15 points today then. Sigh i was like nooo no 7s n then 1 came up. is it rigged so that ther is at least 1 7?

  • How do you get chatroom points? (pardon my ignorance, but it’s been a while…)

  • Tosh

    Once you join the chat room. There is a link you can click to get your daily chat room points. It’s near the top of the chat room when you join in the announcement area.

    @ xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux
    No, its not rigged to show at least one 7. Myself and eden didn’t get any 7’s yesterday.

  • I got nothing ):

  • Jay

    Whatever you do, don’t refresh the slot machine page! It will count as an attempt haha. Thus, I got nothing today.

  • ahhh no 7 for me today

  • wolfkin

    completely borked today’s slot. not sure how.
    got my forum post
    clicked the slot page just to see the error message. (i was curious)
    went and got my chat points
    refreshed slot page and it tells me i’m spent.
    one day isn’t going to break me but I’m curious as to what I did wrong. Should I have closed the slot page and opened a new one after doing the chat points?

    is that what Jay means when he says ‘don’t refresh’

  • Tosh

    I’ll recode this a little later today so a refresh does not count as a spin. Sorry about this guys. I’ll sort it out. After I recode ill let you guys have 5 slots for a couple days.


    Ok, small change in the coding complete. It will log your slot pull only after you spin it now. You now have 5 slots until Monday, then I’ll change it back to 3. Good luck.

  • Yeay ! Got 15 points AND my first forum post ever today 😉

  • whoop whoop just got 2 7s most ive had so far