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Free Points Saturday – September 29th |

AAaaaannnd here’s another Free Points Saturday! I know since, before last week, we haven’t had them for some time. Don’t worry, though, as more of the staff writers will lend a helping hand in scheduling these on a more regular basis. Good luck!

This is another easy one, and a quick search should do it.
First 10 people to answer get 150 points!


What was the name of the service I got from Gophermods for when my PS3 got the dreaded YLOD?

[question answer=”RSX Reball” option=”freepoints” limit=”10″]

If needed, we’ll drop hints along the way.

  • nekod

    Well, I give up. I copy pasted a ton of things but they’re all incorrect. D:

  • Don’t give up! The answer is so close…

  • I’m almost 100% sure I know the answer, but everything i’ve put in is not working..

  • Jay

    First clue: 2 words

  • hmmm sure im guessing it right but its coming up wrong

  • ha ha got it. took quite a few minutes.

  • Jay

    Clue 2:

    Do not use “ing” in the answer

  • wolfkin

    alright still time.. hunting..

  • wolfkin

    this is crazy.. I’m positive I’m looking at the service but I have no idea how to condense it into two words. Though one of them has to be *redacted* because of clue #2

  • ye got clue 2 made all the difference.

  • Jay

    Clue 3: One of the words isn’t exactly a word…

  • tedrabear

    There’s such an easy way to get this, lol

  • sweet!

  • Wow, I’m so sure I put that as an answer multiple times, only thing I can think of is I wasn’t making the “R” in Reball capital, all good though

  • Jay

    These aren’t case-sensitive, though.