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19 Comments 2012 Halloween Costume / Pumpkin Contest |

As you can tell it’s Halloween month at and it’s time for our annual Halloween contest! It’s always fun to see what costumes and pumpkins people come up with.

To enter the contest, submit a photo of yourself in your Halloween Costume or a photo of your Pumpkin in the comments below. Your picture must include a visible sign with โ€œPS3Blog.netโ€ written on it. If your not one for dress up then you can submit a photo of your significant other or child dressed up. BUT you must also be in the photo!

Cut off date for posting your photo is November 2nd at the stroke of midnight! Do not post photos from past years, photo must be from this year. If you would like to show off your costumes & pumpkins from past years, please do so here. Here are the costumes and pumpkins from 2011.

On November 3rd I will create a poll and let the readers decide what is the best costume/pumpkin. It will run until November 7th at 8 am mountain time, then I’ll award the winners later that day.

Costume Prizes

1st Prize – $20 PSN Card + 2000 Points
2nd Prize – 1500 Points
3rd Prize – 1000 Points
4th Prize – 500 Points
5th Prize – 500 Points
6th Prize – 250 Points
7th Prize – 250 Points
8th Prize – 250 Points
9th Prize – 250 Points
10th Prize – 250 Points

Pumpkin Prizes

1st Prize – $20 PSN Card + 2000 Points
2nd Prize – 1500 Points
3rd Prize – 1000 Points
4th Prize – 500 Points
5th Prize – 500 Points
6th Prize – 250 Points
7th Prize – 250 Points
8th Prize – 250 Points
9th Prize – 250 Points
10th Prize – 250 Points

I will see if I can get more physical / digital items to giveaway. But I can’t promise anything.


  1. It’s the pumpkin I made two years ago lol ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I wonder if I could do even better than this, this year ?

  2. WOOHOO!!! Love the revolving header too!!

  3. Oh, great! I love costume competitions, already have a whole group costume going on.

    Not revealing what it is yet, though. Bwahaha.

  4. margarita

    Definitely I will joining this competition. I love horror costumes, I’ve my winning costume last year in school and I’m proud to wear it again. whooooaaah!

  5. I’m totally wining this year… AGAIN! #wining

  6. Haha I think last year I put on some pots and pans to be a pots and pans robot XD I’d love to be Ghost Rider this year if I could actually find a SKull Mask. My drug store has this big as Chain XD

  7. i think i came in second place last year with my naughty dog pumpkin…

  8. still thinking about my pumpkin idea need to stop sitting on it and just do it……lol

  9. I’m not part of the contest, that’s why there is no sign. But here is my costume this year.

    Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo Execution Ground Cosplay Costume

    Photo 1 (above) –
    Photo 2 –
    Photo 3 –

  10. nice outfit

  11. Cool costume Tosh! Well done!

  12. nice costume Tosh hoepfully we get some more in

  13. Do to my messed up life I cant be in the picture with my son this yr so Im not in the costume contest this yr. ๐Ÿ™ Put me down for disagreeing on the must be in picture rule ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Halloween!

  14. FooBear408’s official entries:

    Set 1:

    Mini Pumpkin Prepared For Halloween Sacrafice:
    Mini Pumpkin Getting Eaten Alive By Bigger Pumpkin:
    Lit Up:

    Vault Hunter Symbol:
    Lit up:

    Both Pumpkins With Official PS3BLOG.NET Foo branding:


    Bonus Picture For Foo Fans:

    Enjoy and good luck everyone!

  15. Unfortunately my parents are divorced, and so the really awesome pumpkins that we carved are at the house I’m not currently at (the one my sister and I go to on weekends). Therefore, my picture doesn’t have the sign, but if I can I’ll try to make it in time before midnight Friday.

    Anyway, here’s my glorious chainsaw-imapled pumpkin:

    Aww yeah! ๐Ÿ˜€

    We grew our own pumpkins this year, and somehow they came out massive!

    I know that I’ll probably be labeled as a “cheater” or something, but perhaps I might have some chance of proving that I did it. My mom has a public picture on Facebook of the pumpkins right before they were carved, here:

    You have to be logged in to see it, but I tried it with a throwaway account and it showed up.

    My pumpkin is the third one over from the left. It’s super warty and either the largest or second-largest of the bunch.

    Hopefully that counts as proof I’m not cheating, but if not, maybe if I remember before I go to sleep Friday night to get a sign of next to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the great and very fun competition!

  16. Here’s my daughter in costume. One cute pic to win the constest! Hahaha

  17. jamisonfitz

    My Halloween costume submission: Good luck everyone. Happy Halloween.

  18. My daughter and I as Captain America and American Girl, the daughter of Cap America!

    Better pic of my daughters costume: card in my right hand ๐Ÿ˜‰

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