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Spend $100 on PSN This October, Get $20 Credit in November |

For the month of October, Sony is running a promotion where, if you spend $100, you will be emailed a voucher code for $20 credit in November. This offer only applies to the first $100, however, but it’s a store-wide promotion, so anything you buy will go toward that amount. Even purchasing a subscription for PlayStation Plus and the NFL Sunday Ticket will count. How many of you expect to take advantage of that?



  1. haha will neve spend this amount

  2. luisfelipelfc

    awesome! gonna buy fifa13 and madden13 🙂

  3. I might get halfway there. I need to renew PS+ this month.

  4. Nice.. some will spend that easy.. with the new day one retail options..

  5. Yea why couldn’t this be over the course of September & October, I was forced by my cousin to buy the digital version of Borderlands 2. And I would have renewed my sub to PS+. SONY YOU ARE NOT COOL.

  6. I dont think ill ever spend that much =/, but I did buy tokyo jungle yesterday so i guess it’s a start if i was going for it

  7. Not this month. Actually, maybe not this year. I’ve got a lot of games on my backlog and my PS+ sub is not helping hahaha.

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