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Playstation Plus Subscribers – Part of Your October Content Is Here! |

Once the PSN Store Update has gone live, Playstation Plus subscribers will be able to download The King of Fighters XIII absolutely free as part of the Instant Game Collection! On top of that, some of the DLC for the game will be available at a nice discount so you can get the most of this excellent fighting game.

On top of that, you can purchase Revenge of Shinobi for $1, and buy Derrick the Deathfin, a brand new PSN Exclusive game, with a 30% discount.

So, how many of you fighting game fans out there are thrilled about this great news?

  • Not big into Fighting games but for free will deff download it!

  • I think most people would want the Mortal Kombat instead of Kings of Fighter.
    It was not the game I expected, for we had last month and DD Neon and Scott P., Ok are fighting games in the street, but are fighting games.
    Last week I liked to see 4 free NFL Blitz

    Of course the PS + has been great to this year with weekly updates, until now I have so many games to play that can almost finish it or beginning the others like Infamous2, Tomb Rider, Starhawk ….

    2 weeks ago i bought FIFA 13 in PSN
    I’m holding to buy RE6 AT CHRISTMAS, but the temptation is SO great LOL

  • @Pai do mercado: Don’t forget about the “Spend $100, get back $20” promo Sony is running for October. FIFA 13 would have made it easier for you to get to $100 spent, but since it was bought in September… hahaha

  • uhh….not too keen on this…

  • wolfkin

    ehh I already bought Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. I got a few peeps who are into fighting games. this will add nicely to the colleciton

  • @Eden LOL i bought in September my FIFA 13…I’m so lucky 🙁
    Anyway, I paid more cheaper PSN than in stores near my house that were charging $ 90 for FIFA 13, this RE6 already more expensive here $ 100.
    Even trying to resist temptation, Sony came up with this promo Spend $ 100, get $ 20 back “for forcing me to buy RE6 and AC III this month anyway LoL
    Because if us buy 2 games for $ 60 on PSN Store, with this promo only paying $ 50, which happens to be a big deal

  • sigh, why cant they make something good for free. IDk like Doom 3 BFG. Just give us that for a months freebee, and keep the rest.

  • MEH

  • I can’t wait for King of the Fighters one of my favorites of all time.

  • @Everyone: You have to remember that this is only part of the October update. They’ve already said they’ll reveal the second game for October next week, and it will go live on the 30th. Also, it will be something to go along with the Halloween theme. It would be awesome if we got all 12 episodes of Siren…

  • i am excited to try out KOF im really good at them, but i do enjoy playing them

  • Eddie

    I agree with Kane112. Meh..

  • Halloween themed for the end of the month? I’d be down for the rest of Walking Dead for free. We already got Dead Nation as a free option in the wake of the PSN security meltdown, so it shouldn’t be that game. I hope it’s not relatively ancient PSN titles such as Costume Quest or Zombie Apocalypse. Of course, a retail game would not be unwelcome. RE6, perhaps? lol 🙂

  • Big meh!

  • Cheeto

    My all time favorite fighting series! Great update this month.

  • Awesome more games for my instant game collection and more games for my never ending backlog increases too. 😛

  • increaseblue

    I was legitimately surprised KOFXIII was free. It’s not such a big deal for most, but this is a really solid fighting game to have.

  • still searching for a fun fighting game on ps3(ps1 had the best ones). will be interested in trying this one out.

  • NOt to Keen? Been waiting to pick up KOF 13 FOR FREE! XD

    SUch a great catch