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Borderlands 2’s Mechromancer Releases Today |

Borderlands 2’s Mechromancer will be released today, coming at us one week earlier than announced. Gaige the Mechromancer and her pet Deathtrap look to be a very fun addition to an already excellent game. You can check out her entire skill tree right here.

  • Lan

    I know i’m excited.

  • I wasn’t really interested in this DLC, but after looking at her skill tree I’m actually pretty excited, she looks like a blast and has some really sweet powers.

  • hmm, i wonder if my cuz could hook me up with a code for dlc, or a season pass for that matter.

  • One of the devs has been criticized for calling Gaige a PC “for your girlfriend,” implying, of course, that “girls can’t game.”* But looking at the skill tree, I don’t entirely see how Gaige is designed to be “easy mode.” There are the weird new “stacks” to keep track of (interspersed outburst, anarchy), and there’s the tension with reloading a partial clip. And the middle tree that buffs elemental frequency and damage is kind of a trap for new players, as I see it.


  • Oly

    This is also the first time developer Gearbox is introducing a character whose skill tree can be specialized to accommodate the needs of a less skilled first-person shooter player. The Best Friends Forever skill tree focuses on alleviating the stress of damage to your health, shields, and even crappy aim. You can train Deathtrap to regenerate your (and your teammates’) shields, and you can program your guns to ricochet bullets off the ground where you shot it to bounce to the enemy where you meant to shoot it.

    As an experienced first-person shooter player, I still found the tree entertaining and useful without being too hand-holdy. The benefit of regenerating health on a full magazine isn’t so far from how I chose to spec my siren, Maya, to heal under certain similar met circumstances.

    That’s not to say that Gaige, the Mechromancer class, was built as a strictly introductory character. In fact, she’s simultaneously the newbie class as well as the hardcore class. The Ordered Chaos skill tree is a bit more complicated to understand, but gives the player more to consider in the midst of murdering bandits and bug creatures.


  • Cheeto

    I don’t do DLC, but I wish the game was available for pre-order as part of the day-1 program.

  • The PC should have been available at launch, as I’m certainly not dropping my level 22 Maya to restart the game with Gaige. It seems to me that if Gearbox was going to release DLC now, they should have added mission content and saved Gaige for later, maybe the next DLC, after more people had completed the game (and were possibly looking to do another playthrough). Or just launch the game with Gaige, obviously. I didn’t preorder the game, and I’m ok with that — I knew I would have been annoyed at the promise of a PC that I couldn’t play when I popped in the disc.

    But I’m willing to believe that Gaige is awesome. I like that her robot gets visual mods depending on his upgrade paths — that’s a cute idea. And I certainly like the idea of having a “pet.” Anyone going to give Gaige a go? Let us know how you like her!

  • Oly

    Premiersoupir .. I actually like that she was added now.. also most of my friends are on theri second or third playthru.. I’m still on my frst, as I’m doing all the badass finds, and the side quests.. I know 2 people with all 4 characters level 50, sooo..

  • @oly1kenobi: good lord, you have friends who have already maxed out four characters? that’s crazy! man, I wish I had that kind of time to devote to gaming! 🙂

  • Oly

    Ya, me too lol

  • I will eventually try this the new character, but i’ve been slow grinding the the game coop with friends so i didn’t beat it yet with my siren

  • sounds like people keep having issues with their Bad A points. Just keep backups of your profile that are on USB stick/other profile. I’ve not been victim of this, and sounds like PS3 hasn’t had it occur as frequently. But this seems to contribute to it. Haven’t played with new user beyond lvl 4 yet, excited to try it out some more tonight.