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Giveaway – Inspired Chainmaille Bracelet | Inspired Chainmaille Bracelet

Today, I would like to announce one of our rare but pretty cool non-gaming related giveaways. This will be a super easy giveaway to enter as all you need to do is leave a specific comment below.

This is a inspired chainmaille bracelet. The colors hidden in this byzantine design match that of our logo that we have been carrying for some time now. Chainmaille cafting is something I’ve been into on the side for some time now off and on so I decided to craft this particular bracelet and offer it as a giveaway for our site! Full size photo after the jump.

We are all likely aware from our gaming experiences what chain mail actually is. It’s an armor of many intersecting hoops of steal or iron worn as protection against weapons during times of battle. It was likely created by the Celts and was later adopted by the Romans. There are many weaves or patterns that chain mail was designed with by Master Craftsman and blacksmiths across the world and over hundreds of years.

Today this technique still exists for not just recreating battle armor, but also for creating many other facets of apparel such as bracelets, necklaces, etc.

All you need to do in order to win this bracelet is to tell us what your favorite video game armor is! This could be Ebony armor from Skyrim or Mass Effects N7 Cerberus gear. Any armor at all will do! Good luck to you all!

The contest will end on 10/19 at 11:59PM.

Be sure to check out other designs at!

  • Blood Dragon Armor from Dragon Age Origins. Fashionable too!

  • if i could only have this in game for borderlands 2

  • BoS Fallout series

  • OctoCamo for being a semi-realistic take on stealth armor!

    ..Does count as armor, right?

  • Eddie

    lol that works UniFork.

  • wolfkin

    I like Samus Armor. Losing the shoulder pads in Metroid Prime made me cry… ok not really but they were cool.

  • Ooh, neat giveaway! You make some awesome stuff, @ehandlr!

    Hmm… fave armor — how about the Mass Effect 2 & 3 flavors of Blood Dragon armor. I like the medieval armor recontextualized in ME’s awesome sci-fi universe. And it’s great that their buffs support biotic skills, as I love playing the “mage-like” classes in ME.

  • Eddie

    Thanks! Its a fun thing to get into. I try to refrain from words like “craft” “jewelry” that removes all testosterone and use words like “chainmaille” “Master Mailler” “armor” lol. Hope everyone enjoys. I thought it would be a fun idea for a giveaway. Make sure to stop by the Facebook page and give it a like. I’ll be updating new stuff almost everyday.

  • missxya

    Drachen Mail, the artifact armor for Dragoons in both FFXI and FFXIV. Because I’m always a Dragoon XD
    XIV’s is my favorite though since it was based off of Kain’s armor <3

  • Eddie

    Skout gear on my ranger and my bard AF was meh too..both looked funky but the Ninja AF was awesome! I miss my FFXI days…

  • Best armor of all time: MegaMans Ultimate Armor.

  • My favorite armor is the Daedric Armor from I think multiple Elder Scrolls games…..though I know it’s in Oblivion for sure! ;D

  • Trillium armour from Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

  • hmmm think brotherhood of steal from Fallout 3 or for a classic one would say the armor from Half life

  • tedrabear

    For Fallout 3, forget the Power Armor, I stuck with the Ranger’s Battle Armour throughout. If you want something a little more classic who can forget Arthurs explosivly poor armour in Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts? Not effective but obviously worth picking up for Maximo later on.

  • insight

    Armour? What about MJOLNIR Armor from Halo Reach?

    Its just LE…..GEN……DARY!

  • wanderingjester

    The Dead Space Scorpion Armor, floats my boat… I loved this game from Day one.. and the RIG sets are not only amazing in graphics and functionality, but the way he puts them on are soooooo cool.

  • For me, that would be Infernox Armor from R&C Up Your Arsenal.

  • grzesiek

    The best armor: MEDIEVIL 2 GOLD ARMOR!