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How To Unlock The Full 7 Slots In The Point Slot Machine |

Cubepoints slot machine | point slot machine

There are multiple ways you can unlock the full 7 slots (default is now 5).
Below is a list of actions you can do and yes it’s stackable!

  • 1 Day Access = Listen to the PS3BlogCast & enter the secret word
  • 1 Day Access = Right answer on Free Points Saturday
  • 1 Day Access = Points for joining a game night
  • 1 Day Access = Total blog post count is even
  • 1 Day Access = Every 10th Comment
  • 7 Day Access = Post a review
  • 7 Day Access = Part of the PS3BlogCast

Another way to get access to the 7 slots is to visit the slot machine page when there are 6 or more people in the chatroom recently.

The criteria to unlock the slot machine each day has changed slightly. Now you must do the follow to unlock it each day:

Comment on a blog post in the past 4 days
Post in the forum in the past 2 days
Get daily chat room points within the past 24 hours.

Good luck on the point slot machine!

  • arg even with 7 slots i have never gotten more than 2 7s

  • Seems like I’m really lucky with this, every time I spin I win, even though the odds don’t seem great for the wins I get

  • Oly

    Full 7 slots and I’ve got no 7s today! lol
    Great work on this Tosh!!

  • tedrabear

    I’ve not been able to get my bonus rolls. : (

    I can get my daily rolls but I missed out on my ‘Secret Word’ and ‘Free Point Saturday’ extra spins… Dou you have to take them on the day you get them?

  • Tosh


    No, it’s available the next time you try to spin. It can be a different day.

  • Also when there are six people in the chatroom now, that happened to me today and I got two sevens. I thought people in the chat room only increased your odds of winning.

  • Tosh

    @kenny I decided to change it. But before it didn’t increase your odds of winning. Just the chance of getting 7 slots.

  • tedrabear

    Well mine vanished… And now the slots have vanished too, lol. : P

  • wolfkin

    very clear Tosh.

  • Tosh

    You can now see how many hrs and mins you have left until you can spin again in the top menu.

  • arg still cant get more than 2 7s even when i rolls 7 slots

  • wolfkin

    wow.. someone snuck in….

  • wolfkin

    oh dude i see it now.. slot countdown in the menubar.. awesome.

  • fangyuansnake

    I see