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PS3BlogCast Episode 64 – Plus $20 PSN Giveaway! |

Another week is here and so is the podcast. We’re back, though it’s only myself and MissXya this week but you don’t mind, right? While there wasn’t too much news we do a lot of gaming discussions, from Dishonored to Ragnarok online, as well as listen to listener voicemail. MissXya also gives us an interesting story that I found very amusing.

Also a reminder – the giveaway for the $20 PSN card will be wrapping up next week. There are a good amount of entries so far, but if you missed it last week you still have a chance to get in! Details are in the podcast. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy!

EXPLICIT: The following podcast contains some language that might be offensive to others and the views of the people on the podcast do not represent the views of the site or the community. Enjoy.


Enter the secret word(s) mentioned in the PS3BlogCast to earn 150 points. The first 5 people to enter it correctly get double points!

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Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • Prey 2 in limbo
  • Bioshock Infinite loses two creative leads
  • Bioshock Infinite collectors editions
  • Lightbox Studios hit with layoffs
  • Final Fantasy X HD still happening
  • PS+ Perks
  • Did the next DLC for Borderlands 2 get leaked again?!
  • MissXya’s interesting moment
  • Voicemail
  • Secret Word
  • missxya

    As promised here’s the roadmap for FFXIV development. This is the initial map they released when 2.0 was announced but they’ve stuck to it pretty closely.
    At the bottom of the page, as well as some early concept art.

    The only notable difference is that the final stages have been pushed back a bit with the addition of the Alpha phase. This could be pushed back even further if they decide to extend the Alpha and Closed Beta phases but I can’t imagine they’ll push the PS3 Beta back more than 3 months. /knockonwood

    The Lodestone is the official community portal and forums for FFXIV, if you want to browse for various other update info.

    Hope that helps for those interested =D If you have any questions about current or future XIV just leave them here and I’ll try to answer.

    Also! For those who are going to be as obsessed with AC3 as I am feel free to add me on PSN. My ID is on my profile (its different than my site name). I haven’t been online lately but you bet I’ll be on as much as possible once I get my hands on the game >:D

  • Hey I want to be in it! Please add me to the giveaway. Thanks also for the double points. I’d be playing Assassin’s Creed 3 when it comes out this month and till I finish it but since I couldn’t get into the multiplayer so all single player till I finish the game. 🙂

  • It was nice hearing about all the ff11 and ff14 talk. I too jumped all the time once I knew that there was a button. I stopped playing ff14 once i hit legacy but i can’t wait to get back into 2.0. At the NYCC on uhh saturday i was looking around the booths and I came Upon A Final Fantasy XI 10th anni artbook… I Just had to buy it =D. Tooo many fond memories

  • wolfkin

    i JUST jacked my sister’s ipod so i’m catching up on podcasts.. guess i’ll be skipping ahead a bit

  • @Wolfkin hehe you don’t need to skip ahead for giveaway details if that’s what you’re thinking. The giveaway winner won’t be picked until next week and your entry, is already done!

    @mowmow I’m sure MissXya and I will have a lot of FF11 reminiscing haha, I have some pretty fun stories from my years with that game.

  • @clint yea so many fond memories for me too hell i just use to sit around and listen to the music, ( i did the same in 14 ) or watching with ??? spots =]. Ive been listening to the casts already but hearing more ff11 or 14 will make it more fun for me =D

  • great podcast. i need to remember and jump on again one of these days

  • @Kane112 no problem man. Just let me know when you’d like to get on.

  • ye always a bit hard for me since my schedule is different every week then on top of drinking and hangovers who knows

  • Don’t wanna play the FFX remake What!!!!! Everyone knows FFX > FF12 come on now :P..ALso add me to the giveaway 2 (I want a FF12 HD aswell but 10 first ;P)

  • I’ll be skipping FF X HD. It’s just an up-res of the PS2 version without many changes to textures, and I’ve got plenty of games to still play as is.

  • Cheeto

    We still need to organize an international podcast night lol But it seems you got things going JCM. The podcast is back on and there is some good chemistry. Carry on mate.

  • I wasn’t aware they were even giving FFX the HD treatment, so it’s interesting to hear that! I never got to play any of the PS2 FF games for some reason, so I may just pick it up if it’s cheap. 😀

  • Well i heard nothing about no giveaway XD

    but I’ll enter it put me in that hat!

    Also how do you Plat games so fast JC

  • @darklurkr23 Hmm well I haven’t platinum’d any recently, unless you thought I said that I got the platinum in Dishonored, which isn’t the case. I think I was just saying how I’ll probably work on that platinum some other time.

  • missxya

    I better see you all on XIV when it releases! >:D
    We should all get on the same server and make a linkshell lol
    Unless you have friends already on other servers. I guess that’s a valid excuse.

  • tedrabear

    It’s kind of a mar on my record that I can claim to own several copies of each Final Fantasy and to have played them each through at least 2-3 times, yet on other hand I’ve stayed away from both Final Fantasy XI and XIV. I have too many games as it is and so many other things going on in my life that I don’t want to get myself hooked on an MMORPG especialy if I have to pay for it, lol.

    I’m pretty exited about FFX HD, I beat it on the PS2 but never got around to doing much of the extra stuff, plus it’ll probably have trophy support. I’m really hoping that they re-do FFXII, in my books that was the best of the series along side number VI.

    Also just incase my name wasn’t counted last time, you can count it this time for the PSN card. ; )

  • actually i would pick up ffx on vita, it would mean that I have ff 1-10 on my vita. As a diehard ff fan, that would kind of make me happy. I hope when they relaunch they allow name changes, I hate the name i had to make.

  • tedrabear

    They can’t allow name changes because it’s a spoken script, lol.

  • missxya

    @mowmow – XIV right? I hope so as well, especially since they’re launching new races. Well not entirely new, just new genders for some races. Female Roegadyn and Hyur Highlander, as well as Male Miqo’te which I am totally switching too XD

  • @missxya yea 14 two name system is horrible I liked having just one name

  • missxya

    @mowmow ooooh I don’t think they’ll change that 🙁 I don’t mind it really, the only time it bothers me is when people fill the character limit on both first and last name >.> Or names that look like they smashed their face into the keyboard, twice. At least on XI you could just type the first 3 letters in /search and invite or tell from there :<

  • great podcast! It’s been so long since I’ve last listened to one of these that I almost forgot how fun they were. I enjoyed the new setup and a female opinion is very new to this podcast thing.

    @isli and @cheeto we must schedule a date so we can do this.

    Oh, and Isli, you’re still coming to Brazil?

  • what @pedrolabate you forget about me or just cant understand the scottish accent

  • @kane112 my bad! you’re also a very important part of our podcast, as you’ll be responsible for the comic relief, since nobody can understand what you’re saying we’re just gonna attribute random quotes to you and laugh. lol

    seriously though, just take it slow and we can figure out what you’re saying ;p

    the international podcast is gonna be such a delight to listeners.

  • lol take it slow i do try

  • maybe take it slow on the booze then? lmao

  • haha now you are asking the impossible