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New PlayStation Store in October [DELAYED] |

[UPDATE 1] Check out the preview video above.
[UPDATE 2] The new PlayStation Store interface will not arrive on the 23rd.

We’ve decided to postpone the October 23rd launch of the new store in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. We want to be certain that you have an exceptional experience with the new store, so we appreciate your patience as we complete the final phases before launch.

A new, redesigned, PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 will debut in the US on October 23rd. Sony announced, through their official PlayStation blog today, that they are currently previewing the new user interface.

With a stunning new user interface, simple search and powerful content discovery, it’s an in-store experience that’s more streamlined and accessible than ever before.

The long-awaited PlayStation Store redesign will offer more than 20,000 game-related content, all available through an easier navigation system, with rich in-depth information and a high definition visual experience.

Does the PlayStation Store need a new makeover? Let us know in the comments bellow.

  • Eddie

    Looks very Xbox 360-ish lol

  • wolfkin

    i hear terrible terrible things about the 360 store but I do support a 2nd major makeover (third over all iirc). I mean I would like it to be a bit smoother and I guess a makeover is the way to do it.

  • Looks visually sharp !

  • still needs to be functional. And needs to not screw things up.

  • looks nice

  • Lan

    Frankly it needs an update; and this looks like it should be what the PS3 should have had.

  • samborfc1

    Any ideas when this will hit the UK?

  • Looks a little cleaner I GUESS, but they can’t put 50 ads up in boxes lite Xbox’s GOD AWFUL redesign. I’d love a Redesign of the PS3 XMB, but again, gott make it nice.

  • Hopefully RE 5 Gold IS free for US PS+ subs. Seems like that pic is from the Australian PSN store.

  • i like it, and re5 free. But i already have it 🙁

  • Cheeto

    I think the RE5 promo is for preview purposes only, but it is free for PS+ subscribers in the UK. We asked for a new interface and we got one. It does look sharp and clean. I always admired what Microsoft has done with the Xbox marketplace. This is definitely a step forward.

  • wolfkin

    oh.. so THIS is why everyone’s been talking about RE5 Free?

  • tedrabear

    I’ve heard that UK are supposed to be getting it for free… But it would be nice, been wanting to buy it for a while now.

  • It’s nice that the psn store has a new look though weird that they went with that look anyway I’d wish they’d put a sort and search function for the download list since they’re doing some “renovating”

  • it looks nice, but im not really sure the marketplace needed it. Honestly i would have preferred a xmb change

  • increaseblue

    I know a lot of people say it looks like the 360 marketplace but this reminds me more so of their VUDU application layout. I hope it navigates better than past iterations, but a makeover I’m definitely not opposed to.

  • I think overall it looks a lot better, I just hope navigation is improved as well. I really don’t like the way you have to jump through hoops to find random decent stuff.

    ps: I’m also hoping that RE5 deal comes through lol

  • tedrabear

    Was having a gander on the PSN forums and found some information about this:

    @chronorayven – They are ‘not’ changing the downloads section, they are aware it needs changing but it’s not hapening with the store update…

    @mowmow – The XMB is not being changed and for the time being is never going to be changed…

    @wolfkin @pedrolabate – Yes Resi 5 is in the screen shots, the moderator said that this was probably because its available in the EU. a wise guy pointed out they don’t use $$$ in the EU so he said that it was probably just a dump to show how the store could be used and there are no plans to make Resi 5 available to PS+ users…

    I didn’t say it would be good news…

  • @tedrabear well at least they acknowledge it needs to change since after the PSN was hacked and it came back the download list gotten worse than ever and going through 2000+ items on the download list is too tiresome to say the least

  • tedrabear

    Was it different before hand?

  • @tedrabear oh yea i know its not going to change especially since this console cycle is almost over but you know wishful thinking =]

  • search is a major upgrade. very pleased, will jump on EU store to check the preview out

  • ZFM12

    Don’t know how i feel about the new upgrade. I like the current one.

  • I must say, this is a major improvement over the current Store. Very well designed interface with much easier navigation and presentation. Good job Sony.

  • wolfkin

    ok I kinda like some of the things I’m seeing inthe update. Im’ not obsessing over the visual takeovers but it does seem like they’re making it faster and search easier. I like that.

  • @tedrabear well it was listed in chronological order with new purchases on top and previous ones in descending order as always but then the hack hit and when it came back the list of the purchases/downloads got shuffled so they were no longer at the same order. It also becomes hard/tedious to find certain downloads that aren’t on the PSN store when you have to scroll down over 1k+ of items just find one item.

  • tedrabear

    So the new store was released in the UK and ‘other British terotories’ but apparantly it was so rife with errors that they have reverted it back to how it originaly was lol. Roll on the 20th, eh?

  • wolfkin

    amusing…. lol

  • Cheeto

    The launch for the new PlayStation store is postponed until further notice.

  • tedrabear

    Told you sooooo!

  • I wonder what the playstation teaser video is for. if its for the new ps store would the rest get delayed?

  • The Store is up (EU at least).

  • so it sounds like overall not a huge improvement so they’re fixing some things that people were having.

  • wolfkin

    i heard they put it out and then pulled it back b/c of so many bugs

  • lame :/

    at least they’ve learnt something from Bethesda lol

  • nekod

    The European Sony Entertainment Network recently introduced PayPal as payment option, any idea whether and when the North American Sony Entertainment Network’s getting that option?