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Two Collectors Editions announced for Bioshock Infinite |

2K Games revealed two CEs available for pre-order for Bioshock Infinite. First, the Premium Edition, will retail for $80 and includes (After the Jump)

– 64 page “Art of Columbia” hard cover artbook
– 25mm resin-cast handyman figure
– “Devils Kiss” Lithograph
– 3 inch resin-cast hand-painted “Murder of Crows” keychain
– Digital Soundtrack download
– Three exclusive in-game power-ups
– Additional exclusive DLC

Second, the Ultimate Edition, will set you back $150 and includes everything from the Premium Edition in addition to a limited 9.75 inch “Songbird Statue” designed by Robb Waters (concept artist at Irrational Games).

Bioshock Infinite is scheduled for release on February 26th, 2013. For more details visit Bioshock’s official page.

  • Mmm, that Songbird Statue does look great…

  • Lan

    dat statue….

  • Good stuff, but I’ll probably stick with the standard version. This is not related to the fact I got a little worried after the delays and so many people leaving the company during development…