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Exclusive PS3 Story Arc for Assassin’s Creed III Unveiled |

The PS3-exclusive story arc for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III has been shown in the above trailer. It takes place over 4 missions, and Connor has been tasked by George Washington himself to expose Benedict Arnold and his plan to defect to the British and overthrow West Point. As far as the reasoning for using the story behind Benedict Arnold for these exclusive missions? When the Official Blog asked about that, Matt Turner, one of ACIII’s scriptwriter, had this to say:

Benedict Arnold is a name that transcended the Revolution and became a synonym for the word ‘traitor’. Given some of the themes in the main story thread, it flowed really well with some of the later beats… but I won’t be specific as they are spoilers! It was also a great opportunity for us to tell a story that people know but don’t really know, you know?

You can read more, as well as the rest of the interview, here.

  • I lost all my interest in AC as a franchise after Brotherhood and this game does not seem like that will get it back. I think it’s a shame that sneaking around and assassination has been basically removed in exchange for more action and fighting.