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Borderlands 2 Gold Key Shift Codes Incoming This Friday and Saturday |

If you haven’t been following Randy Pitchford’s Twitter account @DuvalMagic, you have missed out on a bunch of shift codes for Gold keys in Borderlands 2. However, your still in luck.

This weekend, Gearbox will be handing out SHiFT codes that can be redeemed for a Golden Key in Borderlands 2 on the Borderlands Facebook and and Gearbox Software Twitter pages! You don’t need to even watch all day, as they put out the following schedule:

Friday, October 26 – 6PM CT
Friday, October 26 – 11PM CT
Saturday, October 27 – 5AM CT
Saturday, October 27 – 11AM CT
Saturday, October 27 – 3PM CT

Each code will be active for three hours from its initial posting and will be usable once per account.

Happy Looting!


  1. wolfkin

    booo.. i don’t own Borderlands 2… by the time i get this game no codes… oh well. Thats the risk you take when you backlog game.

  2. i hope im not too late

  3. got 4 codes so far lol

  4. It’s great when your friends don’t use Twitter and you pass the codes onto them. You’re suddenly heralded as, “Master of Keys”. Hahaha, already have about 8 golden keys that are still unused.

    Guess that’s what happens when you want to play as the Mechromancer and want to save your keys for level 50. ;P

  5. @nekod yes, me too.. always texting and messaging friends the codes.. 🙂 Some people don’t care, and others do, but there is a way to use the keys over and over again.. soo.. my 20 keys are kinda pointless lol.. but ilike having them..

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