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Event Coverage: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal L.A. Beatdown |

Sony Santa Monica Studios and SuperBot Entertainment together with iam8bit celebrated the upcoming title PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal with a community event in Los Angeles. Dubbing it “LA beatdown” the event had a gallery showcasing “personal” items from some of the fighters. Items such as Sweet-Tooth’s Mask and Dynamite, Sackboy’s Cardboard rocket, and Heihachi’s hair gel (yes, hair gel).

Attendee’s were treated to complimentary drinks, a chance to speak with the developers, game play stations, and took photos in a photo booth with various props from the games characters. Among some of the notable attendees were former Capcom, now Sony Santa Monica studio’s lead game designer Seth Killian, as well as SuperBot Entertainment’s game director Omar Kendall and their president Chan Park.

I spoke with Seth Killian and he did confirm that the 20 characters are the only characters that will appear in the game. I tried grilling him about the final boss however he remained stoned face and said nothing. I was observing game play and one of the stages had Metal Gear Ray (Revengeance version), crashing through the background. (Where have I seen that before?)

I had a great time and it was finally nice to meet some of the Sony PR that I usually talk to through email. Special mentions goes out to my good friend Andrew costuming as Nathan Drake, Sarah as Kratos, and Heather as Sweeth-Tooth. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal will be available nationwide November 20, 2012.

Hit the jump for some exclusive pictures!

  • Oly

    Great pics!

  • nice pic. Found the beta ok though think it would be more fun as a party game than online

  • Yea it’s just like Brawl. They really need to change that winner with most kills BS though. I hope tha’t sjust an OPTION. Stupidest thing ever. I thought there was supposed ot be actualy Health XD

    I’ll try to win the game…… but I ain’t spending real or free money on it (>>)

  • wolfkin

    winner with the most kills is fine. The problem is “only way to kill is with super” it means being hit does nothing against you which is annoying. I actually played it when Sony brought it to my campus yesterday and while it was way crowded that was the most problem attic part. You literally can’t die in the first 30 seconds because noone has a super built up yet.

  • Honestly I think Sony missed a great chance to use these all characters in one game the lines of SSF IV
    A game with SSBB, are played by children, and played very little even for children
    I deleted my Beta, I played 3 fights only.
    By the way …. Great pics

  • Wanted more characters so I ain’t buying.

  • Tosh

    This game genre has never interested me. Never will.

  • that evil sack boy (is it big daddy?) looks kind’a awesome.

  • Cheeto

    I am glad for the Beta, because now I can easily pass on this one lol

  • wolfkin

    I’m 80% sure I took offense to that “only for babies” remark. The beta is ok for explaining the mechanics and all but seriously need a proper training mode so that you can learn how the characters work. Jumping into matches sucks. Plus getting disconnected over and over.