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COD: Black Ops II: Welcome to NukeTown 2025 |

The exclusive pre-order bonus map NukeTown 2025 has gotten its very own trailer, which gives players a glimpse of the close quarters map we have grown to love. I have to admit it looks rather nice. The developer has confirmed this will not be available for purchase later, so make sure you get in on the deal before the game goes live.

NukeTown was a Call of Duty Black-ops map that was loved for its short lines and frantic battles, making for an easy map to get a quick dose of XP as well as short but filling multiplayer matches.

  • Oly


  • ahh loved this map in the first black ops

  • So is there more blood in this game? It sure seems that way. I was telling Oly I dont recall blood being in previous titles.

  • no idea been a long time since i played it

  • My Fav Map !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will buy COD Black Ops II just 4 this map
    i hope they sell black ops 2 on day 1 digital, and come with nuke town 2025

  • 1. You must pre-order the game in order to get this map It will not be sold according to the developer.
    2.Hardened edition does include it so if you cant pre-order you can try your luck at finding a hardened edition. Hope that helps

  • Thanks Jason for their explanations, I did not know that would not sell then as add-on
    Well i think the DAY 1 DIGITAL in PS store will announce your schedule 4 November this Monday or Tuesday, I hope Black ops 2 on the list, and this time the PSN may have add-on for pre-order and day 1 digital.
    Otherwise I’ll have to run and buy a pre order of retail copy into a store to win nuke town.