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PS Store Reboot is Now Live |

It seems the talk on the net, is that the new PS Store reboot is live. Unfortunately, I am at work at the moment so cannot check it out. The new design is meant to be more responsive and be easier to navigate. Installation is easy and does not require a system update. All you need to do is open up the PS Store and it will ask you to download a 26 MB update. To read more about the update and see some pictures, check out our previous article on it here

  • Interesting. I’ll update the store tonight since I need to redeem a code or two.

  • haha i wonder what codes. Isnt too bad still need to get used to it myself. Only took 2min to download and install

  • tedrabear

    Loading time’s are retarded though…

  • its really slow for me. also its going to take a while to get use to this new store

  • Same here, a little slow but I like the new UI ! 🙂

  • Gotta say, looks pretty sexy. I was dubious looking at the beta’s screenshots (looked like imitation xbox interface), but I’ve been won over by the final release. Very slick, way better than the decrepit old store interface.

  • Ye does look really nice but is slow hopefully they will work out any bugs and what not soon

  • wolfkin

    yeah if it’s anything like the UK store (i’m sure it is) I think the sheen will wear off rather quick.

    I can’t check because I’m in the US but can’t wait to check it out later.

  • Oh great, I’ll check it out later today, not that I have anything to purchase though lol

  • The store is pretty slow loading up. Also hate how I have to install the store now. And I feel as if its a little more complicated to use. And they messed up my download history and everything is just out of order. It always has been, but now its just a mess. Sony made it look nicer, but took away the better functionality and easiness.

  • Tosh

    Looked at it a little the other day. Will take some getting used to. But it’s much easier on the eye than before.

  • right now not a big fan of the navigation but hopefully it just takes getting use too

  • i’ve encountered my first pet peeve, when searching through add-ons, there is no way to search by alphabetical folder like before. I found those a-k l-m folders much easier to look through than the current ways

  • Some bugs in the new store. PS+ didn’t recognize some of my “Instant Game Collection” games.

  • ye thats a known bug though i thought they fixed it