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Halloween 2012 | Vote For Your Favorite Halloween Costume & Pumpkin |

I enjoy seeing what costumes and pumpkins everyone makes each year. This year’s turnout was lower than last year, which was disapointing. But thank you to all that entered! I’m putting my own costume in the voting for fun. Place your votes after the jump, remember you do get points for voting! The voting will run until 11:59 pm MST (utc -7) on Wednesday, November 7th. Then I’ll award the winners on November 8th.

Click any of the photos to see a larger version.

[tab: Vote for the Best Costume]
[tab: Vote for the best Pumpkin]


  1. Well this year I did not right what would be the Eden s costume … like CASUAL dude? or a PS3 player in a sunday morning?
    I know that costume appearing on his photo, would the little girl, she is so CUTE.
    This year my vote goes to Oly.
    I’ma big fan of captain america, and he also used a cute little girl … are two costumes … HAVE GREATER VALUE

    Tosh and Jamisonfitz are nice too

  2. wolfkin

    sorry Eden ya know I love ya but I love Jack even more.

  3. looking good some hard choices there

  4. You know the winner.. come on vote!

  5. That Captain America costume is just too good… got my vote! 😉

  6. Nices costumes this year !

  7. Way to go Oly! But I had to vote for the Boss, I really liked Tosh’s costume!

  8. Damn if I HAD POWER. Could’ve submitted only 3-4 this year 🙁

    Still I like the Jack Skellington. The I say give the card tothe little one to get her library started (>>)

  9. Oly, just yes. Tosh, no bro. Just no. I would scold you for dressing up as him, but I am to lazy. At any rate, great costumes guys. Sugoi desu~

  10. They all looked great, and I find it cheating that you pose with your kid to get brownie points so to say. You should name them separate. then it would be a easier pick.

  11. Brownie points sound delicious defcon yomyomyomyom

  12. LOL Brownie points FTW

  13. Yeah damn people posting pics of themselves with their kids. That’s totally cheating.

    Next year, I hope to be dressed as the Ice King.

  14. orrrrr you can make a baby haha

  15. jamisonfitz

    I didnt get any points?

  16. Sorry, I totally spaced giving out points. Got that all sorted out.

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