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PS3BlogCast Episode 67 – Plus $20 PSN Giveaway Details |

It’s good to be back with another week of news, though it’s rather light again. Tune in this week to catch Isli, MissXya and I discuss some of that news as well as ramble on about other things.

This episode MissXya and I get into a long discussion about the changes in Assassin’s Creed III that we don’t really like, as well as some other small issues we might have with the game. We keep it spoiler free so don’t worry about anything being ruined for you. We plan on doing a spoilercast for the game, down the road, once we have both finished it so keep an eye out for that.

We are also starting our November giveaway for the next $20 PSN card, details are in the podcast on how to enter the giveaway.

EXPLICIT: The following podcast contains some language that might be offensive to others and the views of the people on the podcast do not represent the views of the site or the community. Enjoy.


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Here’s a list of some things (or everything) we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • New PlayStation Store available in North America
  • Gran Turismo series has sold 67.8 million units
  • Capcom to add 1,000 more developers over the next 10 years
  • Assassin’s Creed III sells 3.5 million units in its first week
  • Sony confirms character and stage DLC for PlayStation All Stars
  • Assassin’s Creed III spoiler-free talk
  • Secret Word
  • November $20 PSN giveaway details
  • I’m not a very good listener, and I’m bummed that you guys didn’t care for ACIII as much as ACII, will have to put that purchase way back on my to do list.

  • AC series is dead to me. They penny pinched it to death

  • ive never been a big fan of AC

  • I recommend playing it for Desmond’s story (which is funny coming from me ’cause I always blew through Desmond’s parts in the other games to get back to Ezio lol…)
    I’m just not at all attached to Connor like I was with Ezio, he was just a far better character to me. Plus I was MUCH more interested in Renaissance Italy as a setting.

    It has a lot of downfalls but it also has a lot of redeeming factors, and when Connor has his moments DAMN does he have a moment, so overall it’s still a pretty fun game.

    Now if I could just get my system to stop freezing…

  • Guess I’ll wait until AC III hits the bargain bin before I even consider buying it.

  • Jay

    I’m wondering if a future Assassin’s Creed title will take place during the Civil War and the old west. That would make things interesting I think. Still, I need to play this.

  • I like the assassin creed series but I haven’t played em in awhile. I just can’t seem to get into brotherhood, even though the previous 2 games I couldn’t stop playing em and got all the achievements (But damn those flags!)..

    Also,Sent a psn message to jcmdaddy hope that’s the right name πŸ™‚

  • im sorry i skipped out on the whole acIII part of the cast i dont want anything spoiled for me yet ><. Also where is the outro song from??? it was bugging me the whole night yesterday trying to remember it. Also whos going to log into ff14 to see the end this sunday

  • @hobbes @shaqots – I don’t want it to come off as if I’m shitting on the game, I’m loving the naval fights, the improved fighting, the gorgeous scenery, the great voice work and animations. I’m just listing off some of the small issues I’ve found so far. Overall I’m really enjoying the game though. Like I said I can’t wait to finish it for Desmond’s story and to be able to talk about some major points in the game.

  • @mowmow it’s one of the themes from Uncharted 2.

  • @Jay That would be awesome. I won ACIII (so awesome!) and am still waiting on it to arrive but I’m super excited! Such an awesome setting! πŸ˜‰

  • @mowmow – I was there! Well I tried to be… could’t say I didn’t see massive lagging and crashes coming a mile away lol. We ended up just sitting together in Mor Dhona until the servers went down.
    I have a lot of feels, most of them sad, about the entire night. But I have to say I’m so glad I stayed up to be part of it. Even though we were crashing every few minutes I got to enjoy it with good friends and we watched the ending CS live together. That’s what it was about πŸ™‚

  • @missxya nice I wasn’t able to make it =/ I will probably have to find the CS on youtube. Now that its officially over, i cant wait to try out whats coming.
    @jcmdaddy thank you for telling me it was so familiar that i started looking all over youtube for it.